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:chuckle What are some of the more unusual, amusing, scandalous, and funny :spin: symptoms/diagnosis you have come across? Include any strange, comical, odd, outlandish, bizarre, humorous, weird, phonetically written,... Read More

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    I always laugh at "presyncope" when I see it on the report sheet. Like the patient was about to fall out but didnt. I dont know why that makes me laugh.

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    Quote from Angie O'Plasty, RN
    Ours too. We about went nuts trying to figure out what the Dx was for the patient who was admitted for GIB and whose admit Dx included MD.

    Well, she didn't LOOK like a doc.

    And the 86-yo most certainly didn't have Muscular Dystrophy.

    But the abbreviation became clear when the transcription was available.

    Apparently, "MD" was a version of "Macular Degeneration."

    Oh, of COURSE!

    Well, after tonight's shift, being a doc just might be enough reason to get admitted!!! I laughed and laughed over that one, thanks!
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    Pts regularly comt to my unit asking if it is too late to get their "epidermal" (epidural). Often seen on tentative diagnosos section of adission paperwork "thinks water broke" as opposed to "r/o SROM" or something similar that might be taken seriously by the insurance company or the medicaid office.
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    My most recent was for a "Narcotic" foot. (I'm pretty sure it was necrotic based on the subsequent surgery, etc. )
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    I went to the ER one day from my surgical unit, to help in translating the patients complaints to the doctor who didnt know the local language.
    Here's a part of my conversation with the9 year old patients father:

    So whats wrong with your son?

    "He has stomach pain and constipation, hasnt been to the bathroom since a week"
    While I am busy translating this to the doctor, the man interrupts me saying,
    "Actually, I know the reason for his constipation; You know what; when he was a young boy of 5, I caught him in the farm one day eating a mango which I had forbidden him to. In a rage, i slapped him in the face, and as a result, he ended up swallowing the mango along with the seed. I am sure, that seed is now blocking the pathway to his stool. Tell the doctor to remove that mango, and i am sure his constipation and pain will disappear"
    At this point, he clutched his son and began crying, saying sorry to his son.
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    If you can slap somebody so hard they'll swallow a whole mango, boy howdy do you have problems.
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    My son used to suffer from "constellation" >>> constipation

    Many a parent have become enraged when the diet is ordered >>> BRAT

    Many sons/daughters are upset that their parent is SOB

    I dont know what tynol is but I have Tylenol.

    a-ceeter-mini-fan cannot be given under any circumstances in this hospital, no matter how hot you are, bedside fans are not allowed.

    hoosie-ma-thingie is a real spot on a mans body, its located by the dingle, and no female nurse is allowed to touch the dingle.
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    All this just reminds me of when I was in nursing school years ago. I found some of my old nsg. notes and the way that I spelled things back then, OH MY, it is a surprise that I passed. I can't think of any in particular but I am sure it will come to me!
    (I may be too embarassed to post them though!)
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    Have a FF patient who states in her PMH she suffers from "pseudo-seizures".
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    Quote from matchstickxx
    Have a FF patient who states in her PMH she suffers from "pseudo-seizures".
    A very real entity, actually. Here's an article about pseudoseizures. It's intended for laypeople, but provides good explanation.

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