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I've been having to hold my side while reading the "weirdest name you've heard a patient name her baby" thread. It got me to thinking that I know lots of interesting dr and nurse names in my area. ... Read More

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    A surgeon named Dr. Slaughter!!
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    Dr. Ramming

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    my husband was referred to a different wound specialist. it had to be approved by insurance and insurance called
    back with a quick okay. they already had the doctor's name, but the rep asked (so help me!) "could you please spell
    that out?"

    my husband: "sure... j-o-h-n s-m-i-t-h" his real name!
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    Quote from ButtonNose
    A surgeon named Dr. Slaughter!!
    An OBGyn named Dr. Cutter.
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    A Gyn/ob named dr cox
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    Dr. Fundus, not an OB

    and a very no-nonsense surgeon named Dr. Campos whose real last name was Campos de la Borbolla which translated means fields of bubbles!

    After traveling to Spain recently, I learned that Borbolla is a northern province there so more likely his name came from there but while I worked with him, I was always tickled by looking at his serious demeanor and thinking in my head, "Heehee behind that stern face you're just a field of bubbles!"
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    just met our new urologist name dr. balls
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    Well let's see... I know of a dentist named Dr. Pinch, another one named Dr. Hurt....and an OB/GYN named Dr. Clapp
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    My junior high principal was named Mr Slaughter. Every time a kid would get called to the office, you'd hear a bunch of people saying "ooooooo you're heading to the SLAUGHTER HOUSE!!!!"
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    Ok one more.... not a doc but a friend of mine introduces her ex as "Richard Cranium"..... not funny you say? Convert each name to it's simpler form............
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    Dr. Sniff.......a veterinarian.
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    Dr Pro. My PCP… I called him Dr Professional. He liked that.

    Dr Cardell My Cardiologist.

    Dr Cherry My Gynecologist.

    All true.
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