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How about a list of wierd excuses for not coming to work? My favorite: I can't come in today, I'm having vision problems. I just don't see myself working. Kevin... Read More

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    Quote from adoptionacres
    Had a coworker receive a call from her husband that their goat was having babies. This gal is nuts about her animals. She went home to find one dead baby and one hypothermic baby. I must have gotten a half dozen calls that night from her asking what to do for the baby, what to do for the mama, etc. I started answering the phone, "Caprine OB, how may I help you?" It cracked us up.
    One nurse in the office where I worked had sheep. One abandoned it's baby. Instead of missing work, she brought the baby in so she could feed it every two hours. She kept it in the break room. Better than missing work!
    She later knitted a hat from the baby's wool and gave it to the doctor.
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    Had a CNA call in during the winter to say it was too cold to come to work..........We are in Florida!!!!!!
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    Had a LNA call in sick one time for 2nd degree burns on her legs.......from using Nair...
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    Quote from liljsmom02
    Had a LNA call in sick one time for 2nd degree burns on her legs.......from using Nair...

    Had a co-worker with a similar call in. She, foolishly, used Nair for legs on an area that was NOT her legs.... She ended up in the ER with severe burns and her skin had actually begun to slough off. I CANNOT imagine the pain involved with that one.
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    I swear these are all true!!

    "I need to take a long lunch today because my check for my rent bounced again because my ex wife needed some extra money to stay in a hotel so she could get away from her husband that she only married for the health insurance he gets at his job…. and now I have to go straighten it out with my landlord and the bank…"

    "I have ‘blood sugar’ issues and need to leave, not because I was partying all weekend, I’m really sick!"

    "I was ironing my scrubs in the nude and burned my nipple & it hurts too much to get dressed, so I won't be in"

    "I had what appeared to be a miscarriage and I didn’t even know I was pregnant so I’m at the ER."
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    I actually had to call in due to a power outage a few weeks ago. I have 2 bathrooms with no windows in them, so eventhough it was sunny and bright outside, I couldn't see 3 inches infront of my face. I have bought a flashlight since then.
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    Oh get this when working charge and Very short staffed a nurse called in with a sort of ill child (not bad; but her mom didn't want to take care of him-he was around 5yo I think). Anyway due to the situation I asked it she could reconsider and check into the place we as employees can take ill children free to be watched...you even get a doctor to see them Free!

    I expected a call back saying of course she wouldn't be in...well insted this gal's Mother Calls me and gives me the riot act! Of course I can not share anything with a Non-employee!!! Of course this happens as I am taking a very ill baby as its nurse and working charge!

    The thing is this gal was known for abusing the "ill child" excuse also! I handed it all to my nurse manager...and was supported 100% for my actions. The chick was called on the carpet.
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    Quote from Cameron67
    How about this......someone on restrictions d/t a back injury caused at work, calling in stating "I hurt my back again moving my couch".....
    .....that is a good one!
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    had a flat tire on the way to work, the new tire rolled down a hill and I started chasing it, I tripped over a cat in the road and hurt my back.
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    or...I currently have a nurse that is diabetic. When she wants to go home, she stuffs her face with all kinds of crap and calls me saying she needs to go home right away...her blood sugar is 400. Or, her boyfriend calls her saying he has chest pain and needs to go to the ER. This happens at least twice a week.

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