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  1. I hear what you are saying........I might be tempted to go back and work in the hosp. as a cna until finishing RN program. If you are truely unhappy in LTC, I would not stay there and be stressed out while trying to finish school. Go to the hosp. that you are considering working in after you finish school and work there. Then you already have 1 foot in the door when you start looking for an RN position. I have been a LPN for 19 yrs. and worked 3 yrs prior to that as a cna. I have worked in LTC for most of those years...I did not like working in a hosp. as an LPN. I am now supervisor in LTC and love the cna's I have..they are the eyes and the ears for noticing changes in patients conditions before anyone else and I don't know what I would do without them! Go where you will be happy! :heartbeat:up:
  2. pepperann35

    Drug Dumping

    I work in LTC in Florida. We flush drugs down the toilet or down the sink.
  3. pepperann35


    I have 20 yrs in this profession and am not the night shift supervisor in a LTC/Rehab 102 bed unit facility. I am an LPN and only have a year of schooling. Most of what I learned was from on-the-job and self-education. I love my job but the pay is sad. I am compensated $1 per hour over my base rate to be in charge. I do it because I have so much experience and love to share it and use it to make good decisions, not because it pays well!
  4. pepperann35

    New drug 'can kill MRSA superbug'

    Here in Florida, I work in LTC. We have had several employees with MRSA outbreaks, my own 2 children, another employees baby and our in-house physician's son has been fighting MRSA outbreaks since he was born several months ago. Very disturbing!
  5. pepperann35

    new rn supervisor

    yeah, I agree. You are a new nurse. I was a nurse 18 yrs. before I took position as supervisor. Maybe the attitude from the LPN's is due to your lack of experience. For your safety and peace of mind, get out and get some experience under your belt first.:heartbeat:nurse:
  6. pepperann35

    LPN Supervisor Over RNs.???

    In general, it is hard to keep Rn's in LTC...they have so many other opportunities that LPN's don't. Therefore you may have an LPN with a vast amount of experience that can make an excellent supervisor. I don't see anything suspicious about that at all.
  7. pepperann35


    I work in LTC in Florida. MRSA is widespread. Both of my kids have had MRSA wound infections as well as my co-workers, my co-workers friends and our Medical directors baby is very ill with it now and is being referred to a pediatric ID specialist. We only use universal precautions with MRSA infections. I have also seen an increase in c-diff, a new strain of Ecoli and 1 resident had necrotizing faciitis. Scary, isn't it?
  8. pepperann35

    LPN Supervisor Over RNs.???

    I am an LPN supervisor. I do not need the RN to complete my job and I would not like someone with this attitude working with my night-shift so it would be doing us a great favor by not working with us. If you have a question about the LPN scope of practice, why don't you inquire with your BON? Not all states are the same. Some states, like mine, allow us to do anything but IV push meds and hang blood (which we don't do in LTC anyway) and some states don't even allow LPN's to do an admission assessment. As to the above original issue, I would not want to work under a gloating, overpaid supervisor either..........LPN or RN. Enough said.
  9. pepperann35

    LPN Supervisor Over RNs.???

    Wow! A lot of hard feelings here on this subject. I have been an LPN for 19 yrs and have a lot of experience. I am the night shift supervisor in a LTC/Rehab facility. Most of my co-workers are LPN's. We get a RN once in awhile, some are good, some are not...just like the LPN's. I don't brag about being a supervisor, it's just my job. The only thing the RN can do that I cannot is IV push drugs, which we rarely use anyway. I do keep an eye on the care given by the RN's and LPNs and if I feel they are not doing the job well enough I speak up. I know MANY LPN's that are fantastic, awesome, amazing nurses. We all learn most of what we know on-the-job so there is a lot to be said for experience, whether you are an RN or an LPN. Occasionally, we get an RN who has a problem with me being "just an LPN," but there attitude shows through in all aspects of their practice. In LTC we have to work as a team and there is no room for attitude, so they usually end up quitting, or getting fired. But, in general, it is not a problem. And as far as pay goes, I get paid the same as the other LPN's plus $1.00 hr. and I take call every 8 weeks--we get $20.00 extra for that week and I fill in on the floor anytime someone calls off, whatever unit that might be........but I love LTC so it is worth it to me. Sorry for those of you who look down on us lowly LPN's as supervisors. I suggest you apply for the job yourself or move on.
  10. pepperann35

    U.S. nursing homes face growing nurse shortage

    ........and the quesion is...What can we DO about improving conditions and pay? I have listened to the same complaints for 20 yrs. Not much has changed, especially the pay. And all we do is continue to TALK about. We will continue to TALK about it for another 20 years unless we do figure out how to change things? Any ideas??:heartbeat
  11. pepperann35

    Relocating to St. Pete

    Good luck. All Children's hosp. is the best!!!! You made a good choice.
  12. pepperann35

    When it's the visitor who needs the ER....

    How could you morally or professionally given him any other advice? You DID do the right thing, hands down.:heartbeat
  13. pepperann35

    LPN's to work as CNA's

    I can see them wanting to get rid of staffing agency help, and the residents would surely get better care with the facilitys own staff. It's too bad that they did not explain this to you in a positive way and ask for volunteers first. Maybe the management is the reason you have a staffing shortage in the first place.
  14. pepperann35

    horrible weekend

    Wow! You sound just plain overwhelmed! 32 skilled pts. is really too much. We have a skilled unit with up to 21 patients and that is very overwhelming at times with one nurse working 6p-6a. I would be looking elsewhere for work.
  15. pepperann35

    Am I going to lose my license?

    No, you should not lose your license, but I wonder what happened to cause you to walk out? I would really like to know. Take Care:redbeathe
  16. pepperann35

    Respect for Nurses-- I've got it

    I have been a nurse for 19 years and the biggest thing I learned in school was what you said, the more you learn, the more you realize how much more there is to learn! That is an attitude that has kept me learning more all the time. You will make a great nurse!