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Geez, I volunteer @ a hospital where I have seem more than my share of ugly scrubs! Interested to know what's the ugliest you have seen out there. I have 2 that come to mind: (1) NASCAR race cars .. everywhere, ugh! (2) A... Read More

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    I worked with a CNA who was wearing white pants with NO underwear pubic hair out there for all to see, ewwwww; I had to have her go to the "mall" in our facility to find some unclaimed white underwear to wear for the rest of the shift.
    Another time a CNA was wearing underwear with Garfield the cat imprinted on front, very visible under her white pants but at least this was better than pubic hair hanging out, LOL!
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    Quote from missbecky2006
    The worst (?) weirdest scrub combo I have ever seen is this -- there is this pharmacy tech where I work. He is obviously a pre-surgery transexual (he is growing his hair out, has been growing boobs, he wore a fairy outfit on Halloween) -- and he wears the most gosh-awful stuff. There is nothing that looks worse than pink scrub bottoms and a tweety bird top on a dude.
    I once met a male, 6'4"ish Samoan med tech wearing lipstick and a set of ceil scrubs that were in all ways imaginable too small. Looked kind of like really tight mid-riff top with capris.

    My blood pressure was a little high that day.
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    This one was the winner of Tafford's "Ugliest Scrubs" contest a couple of years ago...
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    Quote from POTR
    This one was the winner of Tafford's "Ugliest Scrubs" contest a couple of years ago...
    Bad judging, at least it's a solid color. The psychedelic patterns some people wear beat those hands down!
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    I worked at an outpatient facility a few years ago and we had a nursing assistant who was fond of yellow low-rider scrubs with a black thong. Nice. Also she frequently wore white pants with multi-colored polka-dot panties. She was a quality individual!
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    Quote from llg
    Plain white ... very thin fabric that you can kind'a see through ... revealing too much of the person's underclothes, body hair, and body -- not a pretty sight.
    You're bringing me back to my nursing school days. I can't tell you how many of my classmates would wear patterned underwear (or no underwear) under their thin white uniform pants. So inappropriate!
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    Thank you for making me laugh tears, I haven't laughed this hard in a very long time. there are some very funny posts here. I really needed this after a very rough few months, thanks again. What can I say, I'm easily amused
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    A long, long time ago, our hospital decided that all RNs would wear the same scrub design chosen by the hospital. They supplied the scrubs, and we changed when we got to work. First, we wore ceil blue scrubs, which were OK,
    Then we wore matching light maroon scrubs. THEN the hospital changed its mind again. (Or maybe it lost it, or went color-blind).
    The new scrub tops were an ugly shade of pucky yellow, with "Autumn shades" of leaves scatterd all around them. The scrub pants were a mustard yellow. One year, one of the nurses drew brown branches all over a pair of scrub pants, and went to a Halloween party as a tree.
    Finally, the hospital came to its senses. We are a pediatirc hospital, and each nurse may wear her own scrubs, whatever color she wants, as long as it conforms to our "Standards of Professionalism" and our Dress Code. Solid colored pants with matching printed scrub tops. We can even wear T-shirts, tucked in, as long as they were obtained at the hospital and has our "Official" logo on them.
    The nightmare nurse you described would have had 2 verbal warnings, followed by a written reprimand in her permanent record. Continued abuse of the hospital policy re: scrubs could have resluted in her termination.

    BTW, what bright person decided on all WHITE scrubs? They show every stain, spot, blood drop, etc. Yuks.

    Oh, and now with the advent of thong panties, we have a "thong patrol". If someone sees a staff member bending over to where her thong is exposed, she reminds her to pull it on up. (Her pants).
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    Quote from Paco386
    Bad judging, at least it's a solid color. The psychedelic patterns some people wear beat those hands down!

    Oh no!
    That was the color of the maroon colored scrubs I described in my post!
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    Saw another standout set in the cafeteria the other day. Peds is the only department in my hospital where personnel aren't color coded, and this young lady had some real winners on: VERY low-cut white, kelly green and fuchsia geometric print shirt, forest green and mustard yellow swirl print low-rider pants. Combine that with her exposed "muffin top" and... won't someone please think of the children?!?
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