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  1. My best orientation mistakes

    ruby vee - that was quite funny.
  2. hmmm not entirely sure but I feel it wouldnt affect your chances of find a job. I thought as long as you didnt have a criminal record, then you are in the clear.
  3. Inbox 15/10/10

    oh my goodness. this was hilarious
  4. Three Moles in a tunnel

  5. 10 things you say at work lay people could get arrested for

    what did your poo look like?
  6. A Full Moon at the Hospital

    This story put a smile on my face :)
  7. What to do with co-worker that is drinking

    good idea bluegrass!!
  8. A REAL Nurse

    I think the writer was just trying to tell a story about her experience and a compliment that someone gave her
  9. A REAL Nurse

    I am sorry to hear about your dad. I have a relative that is a Gucci nurse. As soon as she got her RN, she went for her masters so she would never have to touch patients.
  10. Underwear and patients

    It is the patients choice whether he wears femine undies or masculine. As long as he is wearing underwear, then it shouldnt be a problem.
  11. What to do with co-worker that is drinking

    if she is slurred while on call then yes it might be best to call it in to your superviser. however, dont start your own investigation. we just had 3 people suspended because they did not report it. also, i know some people that when they talk, it so...
  12. congrats!
  13. Jehovah's Witness nurses in the critical care unit?

    I think you may just have to pick a different area of nursing. a nurse who is pro-life wouldnt work at an abortion clinic
  14. I had an 89 yr old patient curse out the doctor today.

    no one ever wants to be given an expiration date. I hope the patient lived their life to the fullest.
  15. Possible exposure to Hep C from needle stick

    I am so glad you went to Occ Health. sadly, some nurses dont. I pray everything turns out well for you and your family.