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Just wanted to see if the nicknames we call certain items are the same names you guys call them lol. I work in the midwestern region. Examples include: 1.) "Bubblier" for humidifier 2.) "Ice pack" for the polar pack and the... Read More

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    Quote from redhead_NURSE98!
    We had to stop calling our computers on wheels "COWS" because some visitor got offended and complained because she heard "Get that COW out of the hallway" they're WOWs, workstations on upscale
    Holy Somke NOW THAT"S funny!!!!!
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    People who faint a church especially on the holidays....Sinkers. Triage....The Penalty Box. I've drawn many ranbows. Sputum specimens.....Goobers if suction spec Hockers if spit. Suction....Gomco (even though it was a machine once).

    LOL grounder.....Little ole lady who fell.
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    Quote from Jo Dee
    Anyone ever refer to the hospital mesh panties as 'Victoria Secrets'?
    We call them "party panties." And sometimes, it's not just the patients who wear them........
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    We called triage "b#$ch in a box" because after a few hours it was hard to be nice.
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    At the nursing home where I work, we call a fall a "change of surface".
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    We tactfully call the bibs for our patients that are sloppy eaters "aprons".

    When we have a patient that is close to passing we say " he has his ticket in his hand and the bus is idling at the curb"
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    BBG-- it's a nasal aspirator that we hook up to suction for our babies who are congested. BBG is the real name of the product and is on the packaging. I found out it actually stands for Baby Booger Grabber and was invented by some nurses.
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    Quote from NurseDahlia
    At the nursing home where I work, we call a fall a "change of surface".
    Almost wet myself laughing at this one! Thanks
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    J-tips or "rocket ships" are given before IV sticks on the peds patients
    Everything is a bandaid, even a central line dressing.
    No-no's are the stiff arm restraint devices.
    red robins are the Robinson brand straight caths
    IV's are called "straws"
    Sometimes we call g-tubes tummy straws.
    We try to say "change your pants" instead of diaper on the older kids, or briefs.
    We have lots of "frequent fliers" on our floor, chronic kids
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    Here's a few I often hear at work...

    Walk in Clinic = Doc-in-a-box
    Fall matts = landing strips
    30 ml plastic cup = shot glass
    Nasal cannula = nose hose
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