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Just wanted to see if the nicknames we call certain items are the same names you guys call them lol. I work in the midwestern region. Examples include: 1.) "Bubblier" for humidifier 2.) "Ice... Read More

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    Really? Our code brown is a chemical spill.

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    My mom needs to go to the cath lab after a negative stress test.

    She called it a roto rooter. She has such a great attitude. I hope it goes well.
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    Lol Yah coochie cocktail is supposed to deter pts from needing std tx in the future, but unfortunately some now come in and ask for it by name lol
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    we use "christmas trees" and have frequent fliers too.
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    Quote from Jo Dee
    Anyone ever refer to the hospital mesh panties as 'Victoria Secrets'?
    I call them "Victoria Has-No-Secret"
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    Sequential compression boots: Squeezies.

    Most things: Thingy.
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    Moliform Premium Liners - Normal
    Quote from GitanoRN
    Honest I never heard it call Molly before, 2/Funny
    I am thinking it is a play on this brand name...
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    Quote from Esme12
    New england....a Bubbler is the water fountain. It's a stretcher not a gurney. It's a Johnnie not a patient gown. It not a "christmas tree" (I'm originally from the midwest) but a nipple connector. It Guaiac not hemoccult. It's a mucous trap not Luki tube (sputum spec. for a vented patient). The Au Pair is the baby sitter. It's soda not Pop, a float not milk shake, and Jimmies not sprinkles.

    Triple H enema (high hot and a heckof a lot) and Banana Bags(IV MVI/folate?Mg detox bags). We have Vitamin H, Vitamin V and Vitamin A. We have positive samsonite signs (comes with luggage) and DBQ (dirt bag quotient).

    GI cocktail green or pink. (maalox/viscous lido/belladonna (green) or phenobarb (pink)

    Just to name a few
    hmmm, I am in NE, and I was taught christmas tree. though "nipple conector" is prob the actual term (from plumbing, I would think). And a float is actually soda with ice cream floating in it. A "black cow" is a root beer float....a milk shake has no ice cream, a frappe is with ice
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    MOM + Prune Juice = "Mud Slide"
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    Maalox + viscous lidocaine is a "pink lady"

    Liquid oral morphine or codeine are called "slurpees"

    The little device that connects the secondary IV tubing to the primary set is officially called a "lever lock cannula", but way back in nursing school my clinical instructor introduced it to us as "the little yellow doomahicker"

    Patient bibs are "dinner jackets"

    I like to refer to wheelchairs as "chariots" and porters as "chauffeurs"
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