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I would like to get an idea of whats happening with new grads across the country. Where are new grads actually being hired? What are the stats on the new grad programs (how many apply for how many... Read More

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    Geisinger (CMC in Scranton) and Wilkes-Barre General hospital are the two biggest...Moses Taylor has some openings...Geisinger in Danville (the Mother Ship) has openings too...

    Geisinger Health System
    Home - Wilkes-Barre General Hospital
    Moses Taylor Hospital

    hat part of NE PA is your family from?
    Thanks! My family is in the Lehigh Valley (although I'm looking to move a little farther from the Lehigh Valley). I've repeatedly applied for jobs at all of those hospitals to no avail. I guess I should call someone in HR so they don't automatically throw me out for having an out of state address.
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    Just some advice for people that are still looking at schools (or want to go back for their bsn)

    I HIGHLY suggest going to a school for your BSN that his its own hospital where they hire their new grads.

    I went to school @ Stony Brook (ny) and EVERYONE in the BSN program who hands in a resume + cover letter gets at least 2-3 interviews @ the schools hospital (the school is a part of a large tertiary care hospital). The majority of them gets hired @ the hospital

    New grad pay for nights is 72.5k and includes a ny state pension (plus ny state benefits which are INCREDIBLE). So if you can find a school that pretty much guarentees you a job like that, you might want to go there instead of somewhere that doesnt
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    I agree with mhy12784....that is so awesome for you! I moved out of state for a job too, and not going to lie - it was hard for me and my husband. But I'm an absolutely firm believer that new grads must get floor experience before doing other things like ICU/OR/home health. Take a look at rural hospitals that are somewhat "close" to where you live, like one state over or something like that. There is a really good new grad program at dartmouth hitchcock in NH, but they like to hire their new nurses from a local nursing program they're affiliated with. There is no nursing shortage. Unfortunately that means we have to be creative when it comes to relocation for jobs. I know someone who ended up renting out her house in order to get a job.
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    Did you apply there when you had your CA license or did you get your PA license and then applied?

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    I work at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia in the PICU and there is rolling admissions for new graduates. I was hired with 3 other new grads just for their december '12 cohort. Since summer of last year, there've been 30 new grads hired hospital wide (in ER, PICU, NICU to name a few units).

    The 30 of us meet in a nurse residency class every 6 weeks to support and learn from one another. We will "graduate" together at the end of 18 months together. We take supplemental classes, get certifications for things like PALS, and are lectured by experts in different specialties within the hospital (ex: social work, resp therapy, MD residents, etc). It's a great program for new grads and I'd highly recommend you apply! I moved from California for this job... CHOP is #1 ranked children's hospital in the US!
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    so did you apply for the job in TX when you still had CA licence?

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    I made the huge mistake of moving to CA as a new grad...there are basically no jobs here for new grads (those they do exist are CUTTHROAT). I am looking for states that are hiring too...I am 99.9% sure I will be moving to a different state to get my first new grad job. I recently had a couple interviews for positions in TX...one they chose another candidate and I am waiting to hear back from the other.
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    Mississippi and Tennesse are good for new grads.

    I also heard rumors about some parts of North Dakota.
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    if you want to talk about oblivious nursing schools, honey, look no further than my alma mater. A big-name New York City nursing school. I graduated this past May, was license shortly thereafter, and it has taken me almost exactly a year to find a job (700 resumes emailed/handed out. not kidding).

    About a month before I moved out of NYC, I went back to some of my old professors for advice, including one of the program directors of the school. When I told her that I haven't been able to find work, she didn't believe me. She smirked and said "Everyone else has found a job" (not true, of course) "So why aren't you employed yet? Did you take some time off or something?" by that point, I had *only* sent out about 500 resumes, gone to 4 career fairs, and spent about 20 hours physically walking into hospitals to ask about work....but I resisted the urge to strangle her.

    I just matter of factly said to her "I started networking and applying to jobs 4 months before I graduated. So, no. I never took any time off." And she just looked down and sputtered "Oh. Oh, I'm sorry...that's--that's too bad."

    I spent my entire time in nursing school, speaking with every single one of my professors and preceptors. I would ask them "I really want to get some work experience instead of going straight for my Master's degree. Do you have any advice about how to find work?"

    The answers ranged from "Google hospitals" to "find a place that hires new graduates". And there were a few "You're such a great student! You'll definitely find work."

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    I've been searching for 16 months. I stopped counting at 7 months after applying to over 500 facilities and 3,500 positions( its easily double that now). I can relate. I was told that making dean's list, tutoring and mentoring nursing students, possessing a warm/ easy to get along with attitude...... As well as being a guy would ensure I would be able to get in somewhere......... I'm still filling out applications daily
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    It's largely about personal contact. How can one possibly stand out by doing the online application process or blindly emailing resumes? Persist with meeting people, calling people. Walk on to the unit. Smile, be confident yet humble. The market IS tough, there is no doubt about it, but you are far more likely to get a job by reaching out in a personal way.
  10. by   iliketosneeze
    It is also has to do with budget, politics of the particular organization, needs of the population served and an over-saturated job market..... just to name a few variables.*

    Personality absolutely matters. However, in this economy having connections and sheer luck seem to really help.*Unfortunately if you're an individual who was recognized for outstanding accademic and clinical performance (with strong references), great communication skills , possess valuable non-nursing experience, persistence and great character....... then you are S.O.O.L.*

    I've been fortunate enough to speak with a few nurse recruiters and nurse managers. After several interviews/ meetings I was so grateful I received feedback..... a few had even flat out told me I was sure to land a position at their facility. Awesome right?

    Sad to say that these same facilities... and others have flaked the DAY BEFORE an interview. Especially frustrating when I have scheduled/ set time aside for these meetings a week in advance..... I keep hearing the same thing ...... "NOT HIRING, BUGET REVIEW, NO NEW GRADS, NEED EXPERIENCE." This market has been crazy!!

    Almost forgot...... Hospitals in Nebraska and Florida *have been more responsive lately.
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    My experience being hired in a tiny hospital in a rural area was not easy to say the least. Being away from home and having to commute 7 hs each way, being in a strange place, away from wife and kids, and having to adapt to a strange culture of a 500 pop town was not a easy gig, not including going through the snowy fall to your death icy ravines I had to endure. 4 mo is all I lasted. Some folks might have a better experience I suppose. No sign of relief 4 NG.
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    Which hospitals??