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  1. I've just graduated and passed NCLEX! I've been applying for jobs, but I'm receiving no call backs! No hospitals are hiring LPNs right now! It's either nursing homes or doctor's offices! I worry that if I get into doctor's office that I'll lose my skills and nursing home isn't really where I want to be. A lot of places that I have applied have agency nurses come in to do all the skilled work and all I would do is pass meds and put on bandaids till the "real nurse" got there! Then there are facilities that are only 2 out of 5 stars with Medicare evaluations with really bad client reviews! Also, not very well thought of in the community! I have even heard to work at these places will put my license at risk! Also, most of the 3-5 star facilities are only hiring for graveyard and I know I'm not a graveyard kinda a person! I did it in my 20s and was so screwed for the 6 mos I worked on nights on a job that was menial. I worry that if I do this that I may put patients at risk! I want to give my best to my patients and a sleep deprived me would not be the best! Should I just try and suck it up to get my foot in the door or just keep waiting for some great job that may never materialize? Any advice would be appreciated!!!
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  3. by   TheCommuter
    There's a wise Brazilian proverb: "He who wants everything, ends up with nothing."

    You might be waiting for more than one year if you hold out for the job that best meets your needs (schedule, skill set, environment, etc.). Beggars cannot be choosers.

    The current economic climate is not good, and nursing jobs have been affected. If you refuse to work the jobs in clinics, doctors' offices, or nursing homes, there's probably 100+ unemployed new grads in the Tampa area who will gladly work those same jobs with no questions asked. Contrary to what you have probably heard, there is no nursing shortage at the present time.

    I have worked at one-star and two-star nursing homes on and off for nearly 6 years, and they are not really that bad. A moody state surveyor could have given the facility low marks when it is totally undeserved. BTW, the 'losing my license' fear is very overrated among new grads. Most nurses lose their licenses over drug diversion, addiction, or impairment.

    It is important to start accruing experience now, wherever you can. Good luck to you!
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    Thank you, for your input! I live in a smaller town than Tampa with less options! It is great to get some inside info about nursing homes. I thought if it had 1 or 2 stars that it had to be a horrible place to work! Yes, I know you're probably right about a moody state surveyor. I worked in pharmacy for years and have been in facilities that the state loved and ones that it seems no matter what they did to improve, they were badly rated! Thanks again, for opening my eyes!
  5. by   BrandonLPN
    People really make LTC out to be much worse than it actually is. All the talk about "you'll lose your license!" is based more in melodrama than reality. Too many new nurses give up too quick in nursing homes. Of course it is overwhelming at first. How could it *not* be? Holding out and waiting for that "perfect" job rarely works for anyone. Unless of course you're independently wealthy and can afford to be super choosey. But if that were the case, I kinda doubt you'd have went to nursing school in the first place. At any rate, good luck to you.
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    Have you located a job yet?
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    How did you find the LTC job? Through the Internet? I had a trouble to find a LTC job because I even do not know how to search for their jobs. It seems these facilities do not put their jobs posts online.

  8. by   mizzmichelle21
    I could not find any positions in LTC online either. I went in person to 2 facilities in my neighborhood and filled out applications there. I would say your best bet is to go in person and see if they are hiring. By the way I'm in NYC.
  9. by   CaptScrubs13
    Don't limit yourself to posted openings - I eventually just sent my rsum and cover letter to facilities - I got 2 call backs in a week on this practice - neither had posted openings and neither responded to the "online job inquiry" contact sheet. I did get a boost from a family members friend, who works at a SNF and gave my rsum a look and gave me a job - that opening was ALSO not posted anywhere! Just crank out resumes on nice paper with a cover letter - it's better than confining yourself to only the select postings you may be seeing!
  10. by   soxgirl2008
    I would apply to nursing homes and doctors offices in the meantime. If you hold out for a hospital job you could be waiting awhile. Around here hospitals don't really hire LPNs anymore except in the clinic setting.
  11. by   newnurse_12
    Yes, I just got a job at a LTC!!!
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    @ Courtney H. -Thank you, this is how I finally ended up landing a job!
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    I went in person to most of the LTC facilites or I
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    I went in person to most of the LTC facilites or I applied online. I think it's better to go in person. I submitted application after application with my resume. Also, networking with former classmates lead me to apply at places that were not advertised. The job that I actually ended up getting was one that, I just happened to follow-up on and ended up talking to the DON. She invited me to come and see the facility and gave me an interview and hired me the same day! I came prepared with my portfolio, license, and all my other credentials. I hope this helps you!