Passed my Boards Last Week, I got a Job...Confused

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    Ok, So I graduated 3 weeks ago. I took my Boards last week and passed yayyy!

    Today , I got a job offering as a RN where I precepted in my last semester. I am also a Nursing Assistant and I would like a Job where I work because it is close to home and I like it there. However, it is kind of hard to get an RN position right away. Where I got the position is a Non- Magnet Hospital in contrast to where I work , which it is.

    I can start ASAP where I got the Job is a little far from home ( 45 mins) . I like it there too, but it is not as nice as my current work place.
    Any Advice? I really need a job ASAP though.

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    Unless there's a true shortage where you live, I'd take the job you're offered, not the one you *hope* you'll get. If you can afford to keep working as a NA and wait, then it might make sense, but I'd take the job and get my resume built rather than wait for a job that may never come.
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    As a nurse who is "stuck" in home care. I say go with the definitely job. I've been trying for 18 months to get a job a really want. It took 6 months to get hired in home care. I returned and got my BSN immediately and still can't get into anything yet. GO for the sure thing over the maybe.
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    Unless you live in a place where multiple facilities are hiring new grads (and there are some out there), take the job.

    Look at it this way: Take the job you've been offered. If your current facility really wants to keep you they might magically find that a position has opened there for you. If not, give your two weeks notice and burn no bridges. Plan as though you're going to stay in this job for at least five years. Commit to working in this position for at least one year, ideally two. Then, if for whatever reason you really hate your job, you now have your much-coveted two years acute experience and you can try applying to your favorite hospital again. You'll also have a much better idea of the parts of nursing you like and the parts you hate, which might help you work out a job that might be a better fit. On the other hand, if you really love your job in that facility settle in and consider moving closer to your job if that's an option.

    Try not to make decisions about the short term without thinking about how that will affect your long term view. Always have a plan. That way even if the plan changes you always know what you're aiming for.

    Good luck to you, and congrats on passing the boards!
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    Thank you all. I am just afraid of making a bad decision.I have a BSN here in NY because they wont hire 2 yr Nurses anymore... I have 10 days before making a final input. Ugh Decisions.
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    Take the offer. You have no guarantee at your current place and it's so tough finding a job right now. New grads can't wait for their "dream job" unless you can wait a loooong time. Enjoy it!

    Oh, be glad you have 10 days to make a decision. I was offered a job and the doctor who made the offer demanded an answer while I was on the phone with him and got mad that I wasn't jumping up and down with joy when he called me. I turned it down--too many bad things going on there that I didn't want my name signed to.
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    I agree with the crowd - accept the job offer. You can't count on keeping your current job because most employers will not knowingly allow a licensed person to work in a non-licensed job... there are many liability issues associated with this situation. Since you would be leaving "on good terms", there is nothing to prevent you from re-applying in the future and returning to your preferred hospital when a position becomes available.
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    Congrats. 45 min is kind of far but it's not that bad of a commute. If you liked the unit why not take it for a year then work somewhere else. But if you know you would hate working there, don't take it.
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    I agree with the others: take the guaranteed job offer. New grads can't afford to be too picky in this job market. After you gain your year of experience (two would be better), you can move on to other facilities.

    In addition, given how many new grads are fighting for so few jobs, there's absolutely no guarantee that a second job offer will come your way...even at the facility you're currently employed with. Being an internal applicant doesn't mean what it used to: it used to guarantee a job offer but nowadays doesn't even promise an interview.
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    I agree with all of you . I actually have an interview with my prefer facility where I work this Friday . She asked me to bring all the paperwork in as well . So, there is a little hope . Please keep your fingers crossed

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