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  1. kcdunlap

    DAR notes on a forensic psych ward

    I can figure out a DAR note for our med/surg or other hospital rotations. I'm currently doing a psych rotation on the forensic unit. All we do is have small talk with these patients. We have small talk in the common room, the attend gym and then back to the day room for a behavioral talk from a social worker. I can't figure out how to begin to look at anything I'm doing in realtionship to writing a DAR note. Does anybody have any ideas?
  2. kcdunlap

    insulin pump concern

    I have 2 kids on pumps....and besides the coolness factor of the tubing dangling beside my 6'2" teenage son...my dd try's to be more practical- cutting holes in pockets are one way, and the FFL diabetes conference she just purchased a pouch called spibelt.com she has found it stays quite secure and is comfortable. She wears it inside and outside her clothing, check out the website.
  3. kcdunlap

    CDE 1000 hrs

    Thanks for the comment but I was wondering where one would go about looking for such a job. Do you just look for diabetic educator?