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  1. kcdunlap

    Second career Nurse moving up?

    I'm a second career nurse. In previous lives I have been a project manger of construction firm, and I ran my own cleaning business. I just got a job with Genesis. I'm trying to figure out how I can possibly move up to management. Is there a time frame I should prepare to put in before trying to figure it out?
  2. Dosing or not dosing of insulin one of the many things regarding care of type 2 diabetics that drives me crazy withholding long term insulin is crazy. These people rarely get enough insulin on their sliding scales to accommodate their carb intake. I wish insulin for Type 2's would be dosed more like type 1's if they are on insulin they probably would end up healthier with lower blood sugars
  3. I've fallen off the belt and am lying underneath.....Got my ASN in 2011 and my BSN in 2012....I'm 49 currently....LOL
  4. kcdunlap

    job relocation not working out

    I did find something back in my home area.
  5. kcdunlap

    Want to become a CDE

    Definitely depends on where you live. The Mentors available for mentoring are few and far between. I live in Philly area and last I looked (just a few months ago) there is only ONE mentor in my area. He happens to be a friend so I'm hoping when my schedule allows I might be able to become one of his menthes...... I'm very frustrated that I've been a care giver for 2 Type 1 kids for over 10 yrs and none of that counts toward certification. I dreamed of becoming a CDE when I entered nursing school after my kids were dx but no I think it will be just a dream. Good Luck
  6. kcdunlap

    Resident dies and nurse is to blame

    The fact that the Doctors orders for insulin regiments made the patient bottom out when he took insulin no wonder the patient refused. The constant rollercoaster of blood sugars very horrible feeling. I hope the nurse has a good lawyer because if she documented properly she should not be held responsible. It is improper knowledge of treating this patients diabetes that caused this problem for the patient and made the patient terrified of taking their insulin which in turn made the patient go into DKA and die.
  7. kcdunlap

    job relocation not working out

    Hubby is working at some consulting jobs bring in some income just nothing like the past. He is totally stepping up and taking care of my daughter. It's just very stressful for me because she has a chronic illness since age seven and now has been diagnosed with a mental illness that is still not stable with meds. They can't live with me as we own a house and have 2 dogs. I live in a rented room. As you have explained I see that it would be a misstep on my part to give any personal information. Thanks for the insight and I just keep applying back home and hope something takes hold.
  8. i relocated temporarily for a job to gain experience but due to some serious health issues of one of my children who now lives 2 hrs from me back at my house with me husband. i'm finding the stress of the relocation very difficult. i'm home a day or maybe 2 every week but the stress of the constant care involved is difficult on my husband. I am currently the sole income for our family so it's not like i can leave my job then look for a new one. Since I'm applying with a current job of 3 months should I address this issue in a cover letter? or let it be. And if I should address what would be the proper explanation. I'm sure they don't want or need my family saga.
  9. kcdunlap

    UTA RN to BSN online

    I completed in 10 months; I did 2 courses every 5 weeks session for 3 terms, I also had to take business statistics.
  10. kcdunlap

    Lunch coverage novolog

    Is the child type 1 or type 2?
  11. kcdunlap

    What can I expect?

    Actually I'm hoping for more time then less. I have my dream job interview which was set up after the first one was in place and it is a week later. So, I'm hoping things will take longer then my current job which was on the spot hiring. Thanks for the thoughts.
  12. kcdunlap

    What can I expect?

    I guess I wasn't clear in my question. I'm wondering is it typical to get an onsite offer after an initial interview? or in nursing is it more typical to have a lag between interview and possibly a second interview and/or job offer? I am definitely planning on asking them when I'm through I'm just wondering what might be typical in the industry? Is my first experience of hired on the spot typical or is there usually more to the interview process?
  13. kcdunlap

    Where are new grads being hired right now?

    Someone early asked about Philadelphia. Same here. lots of jobs but want 1-3 years experience. ADN nurses end up in LTC and home care, BSN some can get hospitals if they have experience in the hospital or know someone.
  14. kcdunlap

    What can I expect?

    I've been trading emails with a Nursing recruiter for a national LTC facility. She has set me up for an interview with the HR person at a specific facility. She wrote I look forward to speaking to you after the interview. After the interview will I need to contact her or should I expect if things went well she will contact me? The interview is 2pm on a Thursday; how long is typical before I hear if they are indeed interested in offering me a job. My only nursing job to date they hired me on the spot but I assume that is the exception not the rule. Any thoughts would help.
  15. kcdunlap

    Nurse Recruiter

    Thanks. I'll give it a try tonight.
  16. kcdunlap

    Nurse Recruiter

    Does every hospital, long term care or critical care facility typically have a nurse recuriter? If so how do I get the name? Do I call human resources and ask for the name of their nurse recruiter?