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New grad RN trying to get my first real job. Nobody wants me!

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  1. the smack

    Feeling so discouraged

    It sounds like you're burnt out on the floor and not nursing in general. If you like women's health then start applying to those units. Yes they are heard to get into but it doesn't hurt to try. Go down to those units where you work and try to get chummy with the managers. Stay where you are for now but in your spare time study up on women's health. That way you will be prepared when an opportunity arises and also so you can shift nursing gears and nit spend all your time thinking of med/tele. I hope you will reconsider because this really is a very rewarding career in the long run. You can do this girl!
  2. the smack

    A few questions, please

    Hi. Are you sure the hospice nurse wasn't talking about the Atropine being prescribed for secretions? Or maybe she mixed up her meds and said Morphine but meant to say Atropine.
  3. My jaw literally dripped when I read this. I graduated last May and right now I am fighting tooth and nail for a HOSPICE job. I'm going in for a second interview in the morning. If I was in your position I would be doing back flips! Take the job!
  4. the smack

    Which job would you take?

    So first I got a call this morning from the hospice HR telling me to come in for a second interview with the PCA. I'm going in tomorrow morning. Then the oncology clinic called me telling me to come in Tuesday to shadow the nurse and get a feel for it then talk about the job after. I think if the hospice offers me a job tomorrow I'm going to take it. The pay is better and I like that it's in the hospital. Let's see how it goes tomorrow! I'm nervous!
  5. the smack

    Which job would you take?

    Thanks bebbercorn! I hope one of these jobs comes through. I'm just asking on the off chance I actually get two offers. I think you're right. I'll probably take the hospice job but I'm worried that if the oncology one offers first, what will I say? I don't want to make them wait too long because it might slip out from under me. Crazy how I've gone from zero response to suddenly having two prospects at once!
  6. the smack

    Which job would you take?

    Ok I've had two interviews this week after 7 months of applying. One is for an inpatient hospice unit in a hospital. It's not working directly for the hospital but for a hospice company that is located on a floor in the hospital. The other is for an outpatient oncology clinic. I'm pretty sure I got the job for the oncology clinic but will know by tomorrow. My interview at the hospice unit went really well also and they said I should know by the end of the week. I'm asking your opinions as to which job would benefit me more in the long run. In the hospice position I would be in the hospital which provides an advantage to me in the future if I want to move to a floor in the hospital. Plus they do have some patients in drips and also do continuous bladder irrigations, etc. As for oncology, that's a great specialty to get into. I'd like to hear what you all think. Thanks!
  7. the smack

    Feeling like a stalker....

    If u have an offer somewhere else, I would shoot her a text and ask if she has any idea when she can get u in for an interview. Let her know ur situation. Honesty is the best policy. If she really wants to see u she'll get u in quickly. It would be a real shame if the other job slipped through the cracks while u were waiting. It might seem pushy but if she knows the back story then she will probably understand. Good luck!
  8. the smack

    What's the job market like in Florida right now? New grad.

    I'm in Miami and it's HORRIBLE here! I have been looking for work since last June. And I'm not picky either. I'll spin signs on a corner for anyone who will hire me as an RN. It's bad...
  9. the smack

    New grad offered a job

    They were actually really nice about it. I explained my situation and she told me she'll hang on to my paperwork as long as it takes. I hope I can make this work but I'm not holding my breath. Good luck in your interview and in finding a place!!
  10. the smack

    New grad offered a job

    No I didn't. I'm having trouble also because we have kids and need help with them. I don't think I'll be able to take the job :-(
  11. the smack

    Preparation for post grad job?

    In my opinion, stay where u are. It is highly unlikely that u will be hired as a CNA anywhere especially if u are an ADN grad. They don't want to hire us because they know we're only there until we find the RN position. The responsibilities u have at ur present job will look great on ur resume. Use them to ur advantage. Good luck!
  12. the smack

    New grad offered a job

  13. the smack

    New grad offered a job

    I am a new grad from Miami and have been looking for a job since I graduated last May. Well I finally was offered a position in Williston, ND. Those of you who live there know the housing situation. I've been all over craigslist trying to find a place to live. Does anyone know what I can do?? I do NOT want to pass up this golden employment opportunity just because I don't have a bed and shower. Please help!
  14. the smack

    Dissapointed new grad

    I'm also a May grad and August licensed. This is by far the most frustrating experience of my life. I'm in Miami and there are very few opportunities with thousands of applicants. Here is a suggestion: if you are willing to relocate, look into Mercy Hospital in Williston, ND. I applied there this morning and got a call 2 hours later from HR and then a call an hour after that from the floor manager. They are offering me a position. But, I can't take it. I have a husband and 2 kids that can't come with me. My husband can't manage them by himself and we have no family to help us. The main reason is housing there is very expensive. I'm talking $3000 for a 2 bed apt. Plus, it's a huge climate change from Miami. -60 degrees is insane to me. I applied thinking I wouldn't get a call but they are hungry for nurses. They don't care I'm a new grad with no experience. So, if this is something you think you can pull off I really suggest you apply! Maybe you can find someone in the hospital you can split rent with. Worth a try for experience!
  15. the smack

    Which state to take the NCLEX? Endorsement from VA to FL?

    I don't mean to rain on your parade but good luck finding a job in Florida . It is very tough here. What part are you moving to? I'm originally from So Cal, went to nursing school in Las Vegas, and moved to Miami after graduation. This was in May last year. I still haven't gotten even a single interview and I've applied all over this state. Good luck to you. Maybe you'll have better luck than me!