Notes to take while waiting for THAT job.

  1. Hello my fellow nurses. I graduated last year, took my boards on August and passed on my first try - so proud of that , and I have been looking for a job ever since. Though I am jobless I consider 2012 an amazing year and 2013 will see the fruits of it by getting THAT job.

    I have my ACLS, BLS, PALS and a Telemetry course on my resume so something is going to must!

    I feel as if I am forgetting my nursing knowledge, so I have decided that while I wait for THAT job, and while I take some pre-requisites to get into the BSN program, to review my Med-Surge textbook to keep up with that knowledge, and I am also wondering if while I wait for THAT job (cannot be too picky, would love ICU, but I am realistic), if it would be a good idea to start jotting down notes to have ready for information for THAT job. I was planning of getting a small three binder book, or those index cards with binders, and jotting information such as labs, general medications I should know about (there is no way I can remember the hundreds I learned in school), diagnostic testings, something that will help me as a reference and to keep adding as I get oriented in THAT job. (I get the feeling that I may either end up in the telemetry unit or med-surge.)

    I appreciate the wisdom of the senior nurses and the tips of the new graduates already working, if you agree this to be a good idea and what sort of information you think is best to add to my nurse reference guide
    Thank you.

    PS...I plan to use the brain sheets posted here on AN, until I find the one that works best.
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  4. by   Radiant91
    Hello I am a new grad without a job (for now) but I think that this is a great idea! I've started doing the same as well. What I like to do is look up common diseases/disorders and I'm also going to be reviewing a lot of L&D since that is where I am interested in.

    Something cool that you can do is go to FedEx/Kinko's and have them make copies of certain pages of your book and have them shrink it to a size of your liking. I am planning to do that as well.

    You are very smart for taking those courses. I'm planning on getting my ACLS because in NYC it seems to be required for most jobs.
  5. by   nervousnurse
    Good for you, having such a positive attitude and keeping up with the learning!!! I hope you and Radiant91 and all the other new grads out there are hired soon!!!!
  6. by   perioddrama
    Very good idea. I have something similar to this. In mine is major diseases that I will see in my (future) job. And topics I had some problems in school go in my little notebook as well.

    Good luck job hunting.
  7. by   amygarside
    Great idea, and I love you exude positivism in your attitude! Best of luck to you!
  8. by   uthscsa2011
    I think you are right on the money. Keep reviewing your notes, important labs, ect. Keep that mind fresh! I graduated DEC.'11 and applied to every hospital in my town, from Oncology to Women's health (my ultimate passion) and never received a call back. I ended up getting a call from a school, and since I needed to pay bills at the time, I took it. Still here, bc I work on contract. I do the same, still review nursing knowledge everyday, even though I don't use much critical thinking here.
  9. by   sweetlilwolf
    I also graduated in May passed boards in august and FINALLY got a .3 job in an ER (which has been my background for the last 6 years). i still am looking for fulltime somewhere i keep applying and i keep working (havent had health insurance since june 2012, it sucks). i also enrolled in RN to BSN. in hope that will make me more desirable.
    I really hope you find a job soon, i started calling HR departments to get names and numbers of recruiters and talking to them and even stopping in at an HR. Just keep pluggin away, and even if a job is part time take it... its experiance and you can keep applying while your working...
    @ uthscsa2011, I am sorry that you were not able to find work (by the way if that is you on the avatar, you are beautiful). I will be honest that no matter how positive I stay, I am human and have wondered at times if I should just look for any job even if not in nursing...but I have to keep pushing ahead. Are you pursing your BSN?
    @ sweetlilwolf, I have shied away from part time because I need full time for the insurance, so I relate to your situation. I got my letter today for Cobra and, I think maybe your advise of taking part time will be a good idea. I will probably get paid more since no benefits I am guessing, that will pay for my Cobra and I will get experience as well, lot of jobs require at least one year of experience, so that will add up. I will definitely do that, though I was not awared that they hired new graduates as Part timers.
    Have you thought of getting another Part time job? That will complete your hours and you may have to pay for your own health insurance until you get the experience under your belt and get another job.
    I wish you the best in your search as well.
  12. by   sweetlilwolf
    Yeah cobra was over 700 a month for me i laughed when i got the letter!! Your rate will be the same they dont pay you more if you dont get insurance. and trust me it wont be enough to pay your bills and cobra.

    actually most private insurance places (i looked into this) and sicne i havent had insurance for 6mths or more they requested i self pay for a full physical, lab work and send them 3 years of medical records... i dont have the money to get a physical and lab work... so that leaves me with no insurance.

    Some jobs do hire new grads as part time some dont. its the same i applied and if they called awesome and if not i just kept applying and i still am. i looked up new posting every tuesday or weds. I have another pool position else where.

    I just keep applying and applying... lol

    PS... now that im applying with my ER experiance ive had 3 calls for interviews... forgot to add that in... One after interviewing i would never take i think id poke my eye out! lol
    When you have pre-existing condition, one has no choice but to get it and hope, my quote is not that high, but they are charging me for the past three months, while I checked at the beginning of this year to see if I was still covered and was. I guess the insurance company can retroactively do that and they also hit me a huge deductible in the middle of last year and for this year of $3500 each time.
    I have to be positive, the alternative for me is not good, stress can only cause health issues to arise. I am trying to save that stress when I get hired and as a new graduate I understand we all go through it.
    Again, sweetlil, sending you positive energy and vibes that you get THAT job.
  14. by   sweetlilwolf
    I hope you find something soon!

    yeah insurnace companies sucks!

    Thanks hun.