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Hello my fellow nurses. I graduated last year, took my boards on August and passed on my first try - so proud of that :) , and I have been looking for a job ever since. Though I am jobless I consider 2012 an amazing year and... Read More

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    Yeah cobra was over 700 a month for me i laughed when i got the letter!! Your rate will be the same they dont pay you more if you dont get insurance. and trust me it wont be enough to pay your bills and cobra.

    actually most private insurance places (i looked into this) and sicne i havent had insurance for 6mths or more they requested i self pay for a full physical, lab work and send them 3 years of medical records... i dont have the money to get a physical and lab work... so that leaves me with no insurance.

    Some jobs do hire new grads as part time some dont. its the same i applied and if they called awesome and if not i just kept applying and i still am. i looked up new posting every tuesday or weds. I have another pool position else where.

    I just keep applying and applying... lol

    PS... now that im applying with my ER experiance ive had 3 calls for interviews... forgot to add that in... One after interviewing i would never take i think id poke my eye out! lol

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    When you have pre-existing condition, one has no choice but to get it and hope, my quote is not that high, but they are charging me for the past three months, while I checked at the beginning of this year to see if I was still covered and was. I guess the insurance company can retroactively do that and they also hit me a huge deductible in the middle of last year and for this year of $3500 each time.
    I have to be positive, the alternative for me is not good, stress can only cause health issues to arise. I am trying to save that stress when I get hired and as a new graduate I understand we all go through it.
    Again, sweetlil, sending you positive energy and vibes that you get THAT job.
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    I hope you find something soon!

    yeah insurnace companies sucks!

    Thanks hun.
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    I suggest that you don't wait around for "THAT" job and take "ANY" job. Seriously. I met a RN the other day who waited around for two years for "THAT" job, while I worked "ANY" job and guess who isn't "HACKING" it at "THAT" job now? Experience is experience is experience. You could walk into almost any LTC facility and have a job today, with insurance. Just saying.
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    Thank you IsisC. I had an interview today, it is in the hospital I want, not necessarily the unit though, but as you said is experience. Most likely the night shift and I am not that either, I am an early riser and I am ready to go, so I will have to research on ways on how to adjust my body clock, providing that is possible. However, it was my first interview, now let us see if there is a position for me available.
    I have had two other interviews in other facilities that I have thought gone well, but never got called for that second interview, but I am not losing hope and I know God has the job for me, I just have to be more patient.
    Right now I have an exam for another class on Monday, so my notes may have to wait, or I may just down the lab values and such for starters.
    I appreciate everyone's input....there is a saying in Spanish "adelante, y no mirar atraz ni para impulso", translations is --- look forward, do not look back, not even for a push. So that is where I am right now.
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    The place you had interviews already Call them again and ask what the status is. Ask to talk to the Nursing recruiter.
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    Have you looked into government positions? While I would DEARLY want "THAT" job, I took a position with the state of Texas because it has great benefits and pays the bills. The bonus part? I am gaining experience. It may not be the experience I WANT, it is something. I am getting patient contact, honing my assessment skills, and building my critical thinking and communication skills. And learning VERY quickly about medications used in psych, along with getting more and more comfortable with insulin and educating about diabetes to people with a diminished capacity to learn...unless I suddenly decide I love my job and stay with it, it should eventually lead to an acute care position, which will allow me to get the experience I need to go for my advanced practitioner degree and become a great FNP who has EXCELLENT experience dealing with difficult, non-complaint patients.

    To make my long story short: Apply for anything and everything, and take what you can get. (And that old saying seems to be true: Once you have a job, you'll suddenly start finding others. I turned down one position, and was told by a DON on a pediatric unit that she wants to hire me. I am just waiting on HR to get back to me on a salary number. )

    Good luck!!!! (Oh! And for the record, I graduated from a school in Arizona in mid-August, moved to Texas, passed the NCLEX in October, and managed to find SOMETHING in a city that seems to be FLOODED with new grads.)
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    Kristek, thank you so much for your encouragement. I am applying everywhere, but so far only to full time positions, however I am going to change that as well.
    I interviewed with the recruiter yesterday for the first time who at first said there was nothing so far, I am guessing she liked me and wanted to help me that she asked me to sit outside for a few and then the director from a unit came down to interview me, they both told me it would take some time (I am so hoping to get this job). I am definitely sending a thank you note to both of them, only thing it may be until tomorow when I can get to the store (I have been sending letters up to now, but I go on and on, pretty much like here...LOL) and send it. Since they told me it may take sometime and the director told me I would be called for a panel interview then with the CON, I think I should wait at the very least until the end of next week to would be pushy to do it sooner, no?
    I have put applications to the State of Florida and to the VA, not interviews or calls from those, but will keep trying.
    I have experience dealing with patients, but in another medical field, however, I hope this will be a plus as well.

    Cheers everyone as I have my coffee.
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    I agree with KristeyK it seems the only places I have had luck getting multiple job interviews was with the state! The do have pretty good benefits, pay pretty well, and will help pay for school!

    Also it is so true about when you find a job you will suddenly find other ones! I finally got an offer and now everyone wants to call me ask to interview me!
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    Quote from serenitylove14
    I agree with KristeyK it seems the only places I have had luck getting multiple job interviews was with the state! The do have pretty good benefits, pay pretty well, and will help pay for school!

    Also it is so true about when you find a job you will suddenly find other ones! I finally got an offer and now everyone wants to call me ask to interview me!
    Yes, it seems to always happen, you get a job and boom, everyone wants you. Let us hope I get that call.

    So anyone has any suggestions to add on my notes?

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