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Hi all, I am a Dec 2012 grad on the job hunt. I am only persuing day shift (for many reasons) and know that it's almost impossible to land one. I recently interviewed for a job and was told it was a prn position. However, I've... Read More

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    It is just the cheapest way to hire a nurse: new grad, no benefits, no guaranteed work. Yes, if nothing else and you are OK with the idea, then off you go.

    But, keep one eye out, I've heard that some places do this because they cannot retain the experienced nurses they need. Often because they keep quitting. They know they need a certain census, and you may be a placeholder. It could be you'll work until they trap a few, then they will tell you that you basically suck and you're out on the street again. If this is the case, if you find someone who can put in a good word for you (be pals with the floor snitch) then when house cleaning time comes they might keep you and toss some other of the PRN NGs instead of you and bring you on full time.
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    Honestly, it sounds like they are taking advantage of the economy and glut of new nurses to fill a normally $$$ position with cheap labor. If you take the job, take it with the understanding that it's only about their interests and don't feel the least bit bad about moving on when something better comes along.
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    Sounds horrible! PRN usually gets more pay, no're not getting the extra pay. PRN gets no guaranteed hours; first to be cancelled, floated, and sent home. On call usually gets paid a minimal on call rate, unless you get called in, then you should get more than your regular rate. 48 hour call shift? What if you actually get called in? You ever try to stay awake and work that long? It's not safe nursing! Is this the only job available or just your first offer? As a new grad, it will be extremely difficult to get a day shift position in a hospital setting. Have you considered non-hospital settings if you can only work day shift?
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    To me, it sounds like its "PRN" because you'll be first to get canceled.they don't have to guarantee hours or offer benefits. My hospital does this, they call it flex.

    "No day but today"
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    I agree that it sounds like they're looking for someone to fill this position as a PRN so that they don't have this pay benefits for the employee and so that they can cancel and/or send you home at any time without pay if census is low.

    OP, you said that you "don't qualify for anything over the new grad rate" and that you may possibly be working 48 hrs/week to "prevent" existing nurses from picking up overtime. What did they tell you about your overtime here? If you work 48 hrs/week you MUST be paid overtime for that 8 hrs... just make sure they don't try to screw you there. Now, if your rate is only $18/hr, your OT rate would be $27/hr which many experienced nurses are probably making and then some as their base rate (I started out making $27/hr as a new grad 6 years ago but that wasn't in Texas) so it may make financial sense for the hospital to use you in that way... but that's just what it sounds like, being used.
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    Yes, I don't qualify for the extra amount that PRN usually pays because I have no experience. As far as OT, night and weekend differentials, yes, I will be paid all of those. Base pay for new grads here is $18/hr. I am really starting to think that this isn't a PRN position, but a part time position that has minimum 24 hrs, but can (and usually does) have full time hours, and doesnt pay benefits. Maybe she meant that I don't qualify for PRN because I have no experience, but that part time served the same purpose-no benefits, but pretty much full time hours (not guaranteed), only with base pay/hr instead of the extra amount PRN gets. That certainly makes a LOT more sense. She was describing PRN and the Part time position and it is entirely possible that I have gotten the 2 confused and thought I was being offered the PRN position instead of the part time. I just know for sure that the days are set and there is 1 on call day per week.
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    Ask them what "experience"means. Does it mean that in, say, one year you will convert to a regular staff position on the floor? It had better.
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    I got a $7 an hour raise to go to PRN. I think $18 an hour with no benefits is ridiculous and I'm in TN too, but if it's all you got go for it and don't feel bad when you get a better job.
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    Sounds like a part time position minus the benefits...
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    Quote from Lev, BS, RN
    Sounds like a part time position minus the benefits...
    I think you are probably correct. I think I may have the 2 positions confused in my mind and I was actually offered a part time job with possible full time hrs and no benefits, lol. The day shift and at least PT hrs is what I'm after, so if that's the case, I'm good with it. If I actually get a call back and am offered the job, I will post back and confirm if I've just confused the job titles or whatever the case may be. Thank you for the replies!
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