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New Grads… it is possible! I know that I for one feel lied to, especially by my nursing instructors. Not once did they make it seem like any of us would have a hard time landing an RN position. They even made it sound like we... Read More

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    I am from Ontario and nursing is my second career. I do feel as if I was misled by my instructors and all those job forecast which claimed that there is a high demand for nurses and lots of nursing jobs waiting! I graduated in June and have sent out numerous job applications since then, yet no calls. I counted the number of job applications I sent from September 14 to today's date for a total of 107! My resume was redone a number of times, but no luck. I tried visiting the units at the hospital to give my resume to the nurse managers, but they tell me to send it through their HR department. I am not sure if the prescreening tool used by the hospital is preventing my resume from reaching further as the questions asked applies to experienced nurses. I cannot seek opportunities which require me to move a long distance away from where I am living. It is also expensive for me to return to school for any random nursing course to show continuing education.

    The Ontario government do have the new graduate guarantee, but that is only good for six months from the course completion date. This it is no good, as it is taking a longer time to find a job. In addition, the job openings posted on HFO website are mostly for positions which were posted earlier in the year (the deadline for applications are dated for March, June etc) so it is just a repeat of the same thing. So basically a few new positions are posted monthly.

    So for me, I have no choice but to be positive and hope that some one will pick-up my resume and I will get that call. This wait is certainly demoralizing!
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    I know its hard out there for many new graduates, and I sympathize with each and every one of you pounding the pavement, the keyboard, or your head on your desk. The important thing is not to give up, you never know when your perfect job is about to be handed over, and keeping a smile on your face goes a long way in allowing that job to find you.
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    Quote from owlRN01
    New Grads… it is possible!

    I know that I for one feel lied to, especially by my nursing instructors. Not once did they make it seem like any of us would have a hard time landing an RN position. They even made it sound like we would have our pick of specialties. Unfortunately not long after graduation I found that this was not the case.

    I graduated in May of this year with a BSN and the hopes of landing a hospital job. Not my dream job, but a hospital job. Ideally I would work in OB or PEDS but I knew I had to be willing to do whatever it took to get in somewhere.

    I moved 1000 miles away from my home, and a huge new hospital that had just opened and was accepting new grads for Med- Surg left and right. Many of my friends even got Oncology, ED and ICU positions. I applied to EVERYTHING I could find and did not receive my first call back until 5 months after graduation. It was for a pediatric home health position which actually scared the crap out of me but I figured I would give it a try. I started that and on the side did flu shot clinics.

    I was starting to feel like nothing was going to happen for me, that I would be staying in home health for at least a year to gain some skills. FINALLY, 6 months after graduation I received a call back from a major children’s hospital for an interview. I was so excited that I could hardly stand it!!! I interviewed and accepted the position less than 24 hours later!!!

    It is possible for a new grad with little experience to get into the hospital. I knew NO ONE in this hospital and still landed an interview. I applied online as well. I was starting to wonder what universe all of those online applications where ending up in!? Apparently my application landed in the hands of the right person. I pray that yours all end up in the right hands as well. I know how devastating this job market is for new grads and have read countless posts from new nurses a year out from graduation with not a single job lead. I hope you all find something soon! I truly feel so blessed that words cannot describe. Thanks for listening.

    Congrats on the new job!!!! I am also in florida what part are u from Im from jacksonville and waiting to sit for the boards...
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    There are many ways forward.

    My own took me over 200 miles from home every week to a place doing m/s work and earning about 50% of the prevailing wage with scant benefits. I continued to work hard, learn as much as I could, and network. The hard work and good attitude finally earned me a spot in the ED there and the networking opened up a part-time ED gig closer to home, albeit both gigs on nights including every Friday and Saturday.

    Finally, I managed to secure an ED position at a level 1 trauma center, though it took years of pain and sacrifice.

    Of course, my journey is not yours, but the point is that people find their way... the one thing all of the success stories have in common is PERSISTENCE.

    It can be hard to hold your head up and continue to fight the good fight but that is the only way forward.

    (Regarding ACLS/PALS, etc... they're not an advantage because many new grads already have them... unless the jobs specifically require it, it may not be of much use. On the other hand, the tiny rural hospitals often don't offer the classes and prefer staff to obtain the certs on their own... they certainly can't hurt, though)
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    Hi owlRN01!
    Congrats on the job!! Did you have any prior healthcare experience...CNA? LPN?
    Thanks :-)
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    To be fair to your instructors, they likely had NO IDEA what was/is going on in the nursing job market. Nursing instructors are not exactly known for being up to date.
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    Congrats! My theory is that d/t the economic downturn the notorious sock monster has taken on a second job diverting online applications to the land of missing socks. Naturally the sock monster does not prefer this job because applications don't come in pairs, leaving no tell-tale evidence of its impressively stealthy work....
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    congrats, enjoy your new position
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    Congratulations on landing your first nursing job. I am also a new grad and I went to school in CT and I found that I had to move out of state to find a job in FL. I am happy I did because I have a med surg fulltie R we hour day shifts so for me this is a dream come true. Many of my friends in CT have either not found jobs or had to settle for a nursing home job. I am sorry that your instructors put in your head unreal expectations for your job outlook, but in reality I don't think anyone should be relying on the word of their instructors about the current job market. Any students reading this now, I would recommend looking at the job postings of the hospitals you are interested in and seeing if they are requiring expereince and bachelors and check back to see if there are opportunities you are qualified for so you will have realistic expectations. ;ust because you went to school doesn't mean you are entitled to a job. You have to hustle, be persistent, make it happen.
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    I see hospital systems near me wanting new RN grads, or it says they will consider new grads, but for people between 1-5 years experience it's a pain! New grads have an advantage because they don't have to "unlearn" the methods of their previous employer and are so fresh, so excited, so eager and will do any assignment with joy just to be working as a nurse. Good luck!!!

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