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New Grads... it is possible! I know that I for one feel lied to, especially by my nursing instructors. Not once did they make it seem like any of us would have a hard time landing an RN position.... Read More

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    My dear I know how you feel. I remember completing the last six weeks of the program and a nurse in my clinical group said, "It's like a elephant in the room and no one is willing to acknowledge it." I also left my home state and traveled 2000 miles away from my family for almost two years. I came back to my home state and did a travel position. They made my life a living nightmare! I was so glad that I NEVER got a job here in the first place. I get so mad when I see those articles about nursing shortages. It makes more people apply to nursing school and then when they graduate, the jobs are scarce. I try not be negative for perspective nursing students. I don't want to discourage anyone. I guess you have to graduate and see it for yourself. It sure ain't no walk in the park profession either. Anyway, I feel your pain.

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    One of our instructors came right out and verbalized what we'd already figured out for ourselves: "The truth is, most of you won't find jobs, anyway..."

    To those who are looking to cast blame upon their instructors or the nursing schools: Didn't you take the initiative to do a bit of research before leaping into a career choice?

    I understand the frustration about the job situation... "been there, done that"... but if you're surprised by the employment situation, you have nobody but yourself to blame. It's been very obvious for several years, now, for anybody who's looked at it at all.
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    Congratulations, OP
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    I just recently moved to Hawaii a couple months ago, and there are NO new grad positions here! It's definitely the worst here than anywhere else. I'm originally from PA and all of my friends who I graduated with in August already have RN jobs back there. It's so discouraging :-( Congratulations on your new job! I hope I find something eventually.

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