New Grads...Don't give UP!!!!

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    Hi everyone! This is my first post after almost two years of reading everyone else's posts. I graduated in May 2011 from National University with my BSN. Since March 2011 I have been applying to new grad programs in San Diego, literally hundreds and hundreds of them! Almost a year later and after only 3 interviews at a community clinic, UCSD and Sharp...I finally landed my DREAM JOB! So I'm here to tell everyone to not give up! I was seriously so over it up until yesterday afternoon. We all have to stop being shy and nervous about "bugging" nurse managers and just bust some doors down to get an interview. I applied for a position that wasn't even for new grads and I nailed it! We have to show that what we lack in experience, we make up for with enthusiasm for nursing and an eagerness to learn. Seriously everyone...DON'T GIVE UP!!!!!!!
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    WHere do you get hired?

    And Congrats!!
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    thank you for this! and congrats on your position!
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    Congrats!! Landing a job in San Diego is awesome!
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    Congratulations! That is awesome!
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    hi everyone. i passed my nclex last year August 2011 but graduated college in 2008. now I'm looking for a job but unfortunately until now i can't find one, because i don't have any experience. please help. what should i do.

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