Just landed an interview in psych.

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    Finally landed an interview (first one in a year) for my first nursing job and it's in the psych unit.

    Does anyone have any tips on interviewing in this field---what types of questions they usually ask? If there are scenarios, what are some expected psych nursing questions they may ask?

    I get so nervous before interviews and I am going to spend the weekend doing as much research as I can but I thought I'd start here.


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    I just interviewed for a position in a neuropsychiatric hospital the other day. They didn't ask me anything about psych nursing at all. The questions were: What qualities do you have that you feel would benefit you in this position? What are two values that guide you in your clinical practice? Tell us a time that you had to deliver difficult news to someone. Why would you like to work here? Tell us a little bit about yourself. and Tell us about an instance when you had to deal with a stressful situation and how you handled it. So far out of four interviews, I've only had one that actually asked me skill related questions. Good luck with your interview, I hope it goes well!!!
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    Thanks Redhead
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    Good luck!
    We need more people on The Dark Side...
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    There are some threads on this in the psych nursing section.

    Be prepared to talk about how you deal with difficult people and conflict. An example or two is preferred.

    Know, in at least general terms, the major diagnostic groups: schizophrenia & other psychoses, anxiety, depression, bipolar d/o, personality disorders.

    Home - American Psychiatric Nurses Association

    good luck!
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    I just had 2 interviews for psych just 2 weeks ago and I landed the position.

    I was asked no personality type questions at all

    Some of the questions I was asked included:

    -Describe a patient in a manic state
    -Name a mood stabilizer
    -Name an antipsychotic med
    -Name some EPS
    -What meds for EPS
    -Interventions for manic patient
    -Interventions for schizophrenic pt
    -You walk in to check on a suicidal patient, the sitter is asleep. What do you do?
    -Why psych?
    -Tell me about a 5150 hold
    -What does a psych RN do?

    Luckily I did very well in psych and was able to answer correctly all but 1 question and low and behold I got the job

    Hope this helps! Good luck
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    My ship has finally come in I got the job ! I am now a full-time psych nurse working PM and evening in a hospital in Chicago After nearly 2 years post grad I am so relieved to finally be working in my field.

    I start in about a month because I need to give my current employer 2 weeks notice and the next orientation is the first week in April. They were okay with that.

    Now...after working 25 years as a 9-5 office worker I will need to train myself to sleep during the day. Has anyone ever had to change from years of days to nights in their mid 40s and lived to tell about it? LOL

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