If I can't find a residency, what do I do?

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I am a nursing student about to graduate in may of this year. I have applied to numerous residency positions in the DFW area and have not had any luck. All the applications have either closed early because of a huge influx of applicants, positions are being given to internal applicants, or I'm just flat out not being offered interviews. I am nervous. If I do not find a residency job, what do I do?? All other nursing RN jobs seem to want a minimum of 6 months experience, but how am I to get experience if I can't get hired anywhere?? I'm at a loss and I'm stressed every single day. My resume is flawless, and I have submitted amazing cover letters, and have a pretty good GPA, as well as a second degree already. please let me know what my options are if I don't get a residency!

Hi Nurseres24, no advice but just wanted to show you support as I am in the same boat down here in Houston. Nursing is my second degree; I have previously been a registered rad tech and policy analysist for the GLO. I have a lot of case management and customer service experience and obviously with the x-ray tech, I know the hierarchy of the hospital and how to talk to those folks. My letters of reference are outstanding and I have a 3.5 GPA. IDK if I am getting passed over because I'm an ADN or because I'm older. Here's to our chance coming soon. I can't wait to get out there and train and help our seasoned nurses out.

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