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Good states for new grad nursing jobs and bad states?

  1. 0 As in, what states have an adequate amount of jobs for and will hire new grads?

    Obviously, California is a horrible job market for new grads.

    Also, what would you recommend for a new grad looking for an out-of-state job? Whats the best way to look for jobs out-of-state?

    I am sort of looking for a list of "good", "bad", and "OK" states for RNs with either an associates or a BS.

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    Unfortunately, this answer changes rapidly. Right now it's supposedly North Dakota. Not too long before, it was Texas. Before that, the Southern US

    Tomorrow...who knows?

    To make things worse: for every location that someone posts as being a new grad job jackpot, there will be someone else following along shortly to post otherwise and explain why (not).

    I have noticed that in general, new grads seem to have better luck finding things in smaller or more rural areas, than trying to break into job markets in major cities or almost anywhere in California. Then again, it's been a while since I've been a new grad so I'm not actively looking for new grad work: I go by the trends I see and the feedback I hear.

    Also, I'm moving this to the First Job Hunt Assistance forum to help you get more targeted responses.

    Best of luck!
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    I'm from PA, but moved to Hawaii back in September after graduation in August. I know the majority of people I graduated with got RN jobs in PA not long after graduation. However, a lot of them were PCT's or nurse's aids on the floors they got hired or they previously did an internship at the hospital that hired them after graduation. I know there are a few nurse residency programs in PA though that will consider new RNs. Hawaii and California are awful places for new grads. I just landed a job here in Hawaii after searching for months but it's in an assisted living facility because no hospitals here really hire new RNs without experience.
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    I think it's relative...In the nursing orientation class I'm in, it's about 10 out of 40...On the unit they hired five nurses...I'm the only new grad. There is one unit that had hired 5 new grads, then 2 for another, one for two ther floors. Only ONE was a nurse extern. One of the new grads is from Long Island, NY.

    Although I was a LPN before I got my BSN, I STILL got over 50 rejections/week, and it took me 8 months to find a new grad job. I'm in Philadelphia, PA, BTW. I just went to a career fair almost 1 year ago, waited patiently (200 people were in line) and spoke to a recruiter at a job fair. She gave me suggestions to tweak my rsum, then told me the trend when hospitals in the area hire...usually, September they begin to search and interview for a start date in the beginning of the year, December to be hired by March/April, July/August by September. It's cyclical, and most recruiters who are nurses are in the same circles especially, if they have relationships with other hospitals as well.

    I say keep your options open, as well as seek out contacts, even from your school...your nursing instructors may have those connections in when they are hiring. You may land a job in another place as my new colleague did...if there is nothing holding you back, then the world is your that new job!!!
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    Texas still has new grad jobs - but not in major metro areas. For instance, Corpus Christi (CHRISTUS system) hires a lot of new grads and has internship programs available. It's the same story in other smaller cities.
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    iam a new graduated i heard it's hard for lpn to found job i don't no how true it's i'am living in PA
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    pasc36 - what part of PA?

    NE PA (Scranton/Wilkes-Barre area) is a decent place to get a job...I will be a new grad in May and have already had 3 interviews and an (unofficial) offer...
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    Have you looked into to Rural Northern California? We still have jobs here... Probably not for too much longer though, as every 4th or 5th student I meet is pre-nursing nowadays.
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    Quote from pasc36
    iam a new graduated i heard it's hard for lpn to found job i don't no how true it's i'am living in PA
    If you are in the Philly area, it IS hard, but not impossible...just going to take longer to land a job.

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