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  1. Nanceenurse123

    Nursing 101: Your Passive Aggressive Nurse Co-Worker/ Classmate

    Where I work now, we have 1 older nurse, in her early 70's who is so passive aggressive that I've never experienced that level of any place I've worked. It's hard to even communicate w/ her. Sad, because she can't be assertive and just say what she needs. Has to resort to this and can't see it, apparently! I don't engage w/ her much and if I do a few short words. She likes to watch your face and if she gets a "reaction" it makes her day! Pathetic!
  2. Nanceenurse123

    WHY do so many people hate nursing? Sigh.

    I couldn't agree more w/ your post!
  3. Nanceenurse123

    WHY do so many people hate nursing? Sigh.

    I've done it for years and have had a few jobs I really liked. Overall, it wasn't the profession for me. I liked the school/studying aspect of it, but never the clinical hours. Should have been a red flag! It's been a part time living, but I would never have gone into it if I had to do it over. I feel like the work put out and responsibility has never aligned w/ the pay and work conditions, overall. Some exception of course.
  4. Nanceenurse123

    Be honest: do you feel valued by your employer?

    No, not at all. Where I work we're all just a number and it doesn't matter if you stay or leave, frankly.
  5. Nanceenurse123

    How old is too old to safely practice?

    I think you can practice well into your 70s safely, but it's individual based on the person. I can't even imagine working past 70 at anything!! I hope, at that point, I'll be reading more, being in nature more and maybe traveling more. But, not working!! God no.
  6. Nanceenurse123

    i HATE my job. Does anyone else feel the same?

    I think another career would have been a much better fit. Or, better yet, having had my own small business. I know I would have loved that option, but I didn't really know that till too late in the game. Counting down to retirement now--even if I have to eat brown rice and broccoli every day, I want to leave early enough to still be somewhat sane.
  7. Nanceenurse123

    Are you having difficulty finding work?

    Re: The Walking Dead Nurse's post--I've seen this, too! Why not hire the most qualified person, not someone based on where they live?!! I've traveled for jobs and schools up to 45 minutes, sometimes more. If it's not a problem for the person, why make it a problem??! Just another way to put a ridiculous requirement on a job that has little bearing on doing the actual job. They must sit around and dream these things up.In some areas of the country(large metro areas or rural areas) people routinely drive an hour or more--no other way to get to work short of flying!
  8. Nanceenurse123

    Are you having difficulty finding work?

    I know this is an older thread, but I can definitely relate. I have yrs. of nursing experience, including recent experience in Assisted Living, and teaching PCA/HHA classes in a Licensed agency. Older experience includes Med/Surg, Home Health, School nursing, Psych nursing. Where I live now in NC, I have a better chance of being hit by lightening than finding a new job. I am not happy where i work (per diem job), but for 2 yrs. have had no success finding something new. 2-3 interviews from maybe 20 applications. Nothing has materialized. Recent fiasco, a state run agency tells me they're looking for a per diem nurse. I interview, she says she'd "love to have me" and she'll call me in a few weeks. Didn't hear anything so I followed up 3 weeks later and she says they're not hiring! It wasn't a job advertised; just an independent inquiry of a place I'd like to work. Why not tell the applicant it is a possible job/opening?? I was dumbfounded! I am beyond frustrated w/ it all.
  9. Nanceenurse123

    Good states for new grad nursing jobs and bad states?

    NC is a bad state for any nurse--new grad or experienced nurse! Finding a job is difficult, plus the pay is not great at all. People can say it's a lower cost of living state, but it still doesn't cut it. Contrast it to Arizona where the pay is great and cost of living still pretty low.
  10. It shouldn't be complicated at all. No one likes to be told they must go back to school, but if you look at the overall picture, more education is better for everyone--the nurses themselves, the patients they care for, their families, the profession itself...
  11. Nanceenurse123

    Why is it so hard to find part-time work?

    Where I live it's only per diem hospital and LTC, which I don't do any longer. There's some per diem HH agency jobs/Medicare, but lots of extensive traveling involved. There's a few others, but undesirable places or extremely low pay. It seems to be locale related as I've lived in many different places--some better than others. Regions of the country that people are migrating out of seem the best, obviously!
  12. Nursing is the only profession where you don't need a Bachelor's Degree for the entry level. I think it hurts nursing, as a whole, because, in general, the more educated you are, the more respect you get. It's just a fact of our Western society. Nursing has to evolve and change. The BSN should have been mandated years ago.
  13. Nanceenurse123

    Great difficulty finding a new grad job in Raleigh, NC

    I've heard, through a good source, that RN's w/ years of experience have a very difficult time finding work in Raleigh--sometimes up to 8-9 months or more if hospital employment is desired A new grad will, obviously, have a more difficult time. RN's are saturated in NC, as a whole, & I mean saturated. Not the state to move to or stay for RN jobs...
  14. Nanceenurse123


    I was out of nursing 6 yrs., did a refresher in Arizona, a lot of work/money, 160 hrs. of clinical. Moved and got a job in NY state, per diem, crappy pay, but something. Moved to another state (in the south), very tight, very difficult to get an interview. Such a glut of RN's in many areas. I have a BSN, experience, good references and here I sit.