can't you just call me if you say you will?!

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    I'm sorry. this is more of a rant than anything else. and i know i'm lucky to even have made it as far as interviews as a new grad with an ADN. buuuut:

    i had an interview on Monday. It was 3 hours away, so I had to take the day off from my FT desk job and sleep in a hotel the night before. But it was worth it. It's a LTC facility and seemed like a really great place. The interview went well, I thought. After we chatted, I was given a tour. And then we chatted some more. Overall, I was there for almost 2 hours. She said that she really liked me and that she had a feeling we'd be moving forward together.

    She said she would call me, either way, on Friday (today).

    And I get that she's busy, and I get that she may have accepted another candidate. But now I'm practically in a fetal position over this. I don't want to call her, bcs I don't want to seem too pushy (I'll call Monday though). But I feel like I'm waiting for a guy to call after a date or something. Sitting by the phone, twitching every time it makes a sound.

    So it's almost 5pm Friday for me. No call. My boyfriend keeps saying that no news is better than bad news. But man, I just wish that phone would ring.

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    Yep it sucks! It would be nice if the job market turns around soon. It definitely is the worst to feel like you did well with an interview and then no response from them at all. ugh!!
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    I understand how frustrating this can be & I have been through it multiple times. I have come to realize that if I don't get the "congratulations" phone call, then I didn't get the job. It seems to be ok for them to do a no call, but for us (the job seekers) it's unprofessional. I understand they are busy, but if they say they will call they should follow through. Even if it is to say "Sorry, you didn't get the job." If you want you can call & inquire. Good luck.
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    Maybe they are still deciding, hence you did not get the call one way or another. Good luck!
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    Hey, thanks all for the replies! I was really just so worked up (not even mad, just... man it's stressful!)

    Anyway, I waited until Monday and then called them. I did a friendly, "Hi there, we spoke last week about nursing opportunities at your location, and I just wanted to follow up and see if there was anything more you needed from me."

    There was a pause, a request for me to repeat my name, and then the manager said, "Oh yeah! I'm just calling up the last of your references today, but you got the job!"

    In retrospect, part of me kind of wishes I had just waited, bcs maybe it would have been less awkward and I could have actually asked questions, etc, haha!

    So for those of you who are in the same stressful boat, I say give them a call if it's been at least a week and if you were under the impression that you should have heard something by now. But also, try not to obsess. I probably lost years off my life freaking out and staring daggers at my phone. :P
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    Congrats!!!!!!!! Yey!
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    Thank you!!!!!!!!
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    Holy cow that's awesome news! How exciting!!!!!!!
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    Congrats! It's so far, are you going to move there?

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