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  1. Candogal

    Nursing honor society- Sigma Theta Tau International

    I hate writing negative things because someone else might have really great things to say about it but it was worthless for me and being part of the chapter was a mistake. We were bossed around and it was really disorganized. It was a new chapter and they just showed us no respect when we were taking time out of our jobs and families to help out. Sadly that is my experience.
  2. Candogal

    NJ Nurses

    NJ RN here!
  3. Candogal

    Total Contact Cast

    I love the TCC for diabetic patients, the wounds heal so much faster we have had a lot of success. The casts are changed weekly but a patient at risk for falls would not be a good candidate.
  4. Candogal

    Is it hard ?...

    I got so lucky and was hired for a PRN position in which I had very little experience. My manager said it was my personality and attitude that won over other applicants. She said she could train anyone to do the job but she couldn't change a person's personality. Just apply, you have nothing to lose!!!
  5. Candogal

    Attitude towards Per Diem's?

    Every facility is different regarding per-diem scheduling and you only need to hold up to your end of the bargain with management. I don't understand why the other nurses are giving you a difficult time, they did not hire you, nor are they paying you your salary. Just keep your head low, stay out of drama/gossip, do your job and leave. Best of luck.
  6. Wow, that's kind of harsh to say he/she should not go to nursing school because he/she does not want "rude comments". Being rude and talking about the realities of nursing are two different things. The fact that the OP works as a CNA at an LTC seeing first hand how tough it can be for nurses and has come on a nursing forum to get other nurses' opinions shows that she is wise enough to do her research before spending any $ or time on an RN education. I wish more people were like OP. I did not get the impression that he/she wanted to hear stories of sunshine and unicorns but rather just honest opinions.
  7. My first job was working overnight at a sub-acute/LTC facility. No, you don't remember everything from nursing school, you will need to look things up and ask for help. Nursing school is hard- you have to remember a gazillions things in a short amount of time and you have to find out how to memorize and understand the material. Half of your class will not make it, you will be sleep deprived and resent that your life revolves around school 24/7, no matter how much you try to avoid it, you will find yourself cramming for exams because there are just not enough hours in the day especially when you have kids, a job etc. You say that you have to work harder than other students- that's ok, I was like that too. I could literally spend one hour on a math, physics or a chemistry problem (and sadly to say, sometimes longer than an hour- just on 1 problem- I was stubborn) It was time consuming and frustrating but I never gave up, that's what you need to have- the drive to succeed and not give up!!! I used to be jealous of the people who claimed to have "photographic memories" in my classes but you know what, I ended up getting better grades than them because I found many of them cocky and lazy. It seriously comes down to determination and attitude. Do not be negative, nobody like to be around negative people unless they are negative themselves. I'm leaving you with a story told by Earl Nightingale, it is a little long but it has made an impact on me: It's a story about a farmer who spots a traveler coming down his gravel road. As the traveler approaches, the traveler inquires, What type of people are in the town up ahead?” Well,” ponders the farmer, What type of people did you used to live around?” The traveler says, They were lying, cheating, good-for-nothings.” The farmer looks at the traveler and says, Well, you'll find the people up ahead are a bunch of lying, cheating, good-for-nothings.” Days later, another stranger come up his lane. The farmer goes out to meet him where his lane meets the road. The stranger asks, Hello sir. Might fine farm you have here. What kind of people live in the town up ahead?” Well,” ponders the farmer, What type of people did you used to live around?” The stranger says, Well, they are the kindest, most generous and welcoming people I ever did see.” The farmer looks at the kind stranger and says, Well, I reckon you'll find the people up ahead are the kindest, most generous and welcoming people you ever did see.”
  8. Candogal

    What do you like and don't like about your current job?

    Wound Clinic- I Love: my coworkers- they are the best team! The hours-no nights or weekends, seeing the same patient's on a weekly basis with new ones sprinkled in. Having great doctors at my side who are supportive, I leave work at work, not stressful, having a 30 minute lunch-sometimes it's catered by drug reps. I am constantly learning, the patient's are stable. I am so fortunate especially as a fairly new nurse!!! I Hate: It can be smelly and also knowing that my pens are covered in body fluids from measuring wounds and writing the measurements down.
  9. Candogal

    New Grad - Just got a job at Starbucks. Help.

    I agree with the other posters, keep your Starbucks job and keep applying for RN jobs when you can. It can take a loooong time to get hired as a brand new nurse. You are still using skills that will be handy in nursing- multi-tasking, customer skills etc. In the meantime look-up interview skills and typical nurse interview questions. Best of Luck!
  10. I love my job and I am glad that I chose nursing-so many different opportunities! I think it boils down to teamwork and the attitude of the group as a whole. I used to work with one nurse who always had a bad attitude and complained about the patients and other staff. There will always be people like that, you just have to keep your distance from them. Luckily the place I work at right now has a great staff and we all work as a team. As far as job opportunities, just look at how many sonographers are in a hospital compared to nurses. There are a lot more opportunities for nurses, but even in this economy it's hard to get a nursing job so I can't image how difficult it must be for other staff.
  11. Candogal

    Getting an RN job with BSN and high GPA in NJ?

    The most important thing on the resume is CNA or other healthcare experience (volunteer at any hospital?). I only had one person comment on my high GPA (others might have noticed but never said anything) . Networking means everything!!!! Yes they do call your references. Don't be fussy, if you get an offer take it but only if you think you can stick it out for a year- you don't want to be seen as a job hopper. Do your homework on interviewing, the best advice I got from an awesome nurse recruitor was to sell yourself. Don't focus too much on trying to give the correct answers but rather tell your story that would make you a great nurse and co-worker- they want to get to know YOU!!! As a brief example: I was a nanny (good with children, developed parent's trust), then I was a realtor for many years (again demonstrating being a people-person and trust) then I went into how I perservered in school and gave examples on how I did not give up etc. The more you interview the more comfortable and confident you will feel.
  12. Candogal

    Calldwell university vs FDU

    I went to Caldwell. It is a good program and my commute was the best. I don't think where you go or your grades matter as much as getting a job as a CNA or at the very least volunteering where you want to work. I volunteered and I graduated with high honors-looking back I wish I put less focus on grades and balanced it out with working as a CNA. I found out really quick that the CNAs are the ones who were the first to get hired. Apply for externships- and make connections! It's a tough market even for experienced nurses. And most of all, make sure that you are getting into nursing for the right reasons because only half of our class made it and it is quite the investment, not only financially but mentally.
  13. Candogal


    Thank you for taking the time to comment, I really appreciate it!
  14. Candogal


    Thank you for your input. I'm just surprised that no one has anything else to say since it appears to be a big company.
  15. Candogal


    Hello, has anyone ever worked as an RN for Healogics? Do the nurses work the hyperbaric chambers or is it the techs? How is the training for new employees? Do they help out if you want to be wound certified?
  16. Candogal

    Night shift nurse responsibilities

    I'm 11-7 part time, I have approx. 20 pts. so I come in early to look up the MARS and TARS and fill in my personal chart for pts. med times and right out what tasks I need to complete. I get report which usually takes 30 minutes so by the time I start it's around 11:45 depending on if the 3-11 gives report on time. I have a midnight med pass, do vitals which is never fun when people want to sleep but we have to do it as well as checking any wounds, repositioning etc. My goal is to be done by 1:30-2:00. Then on to 24 hour chart checks and other misc. stuff such as crash cart checks and the 50 million interuptions by people in pain, can't sleep, fevers, breathing treatments, peg tube flushes, IV's, eye drops etc. Pharmacy normally drops off around 3 so we go through the meds and verify on the computer to make sure that they are correct. By that time (hopefully the night went through without any emergencies etc.) it is usually around 4:00 so we start checking the stuff we did, putting in the vitals, etc. and charting on the patients. Then comes the 6:00 med pass that we are allowed to start at 5:00 and that's when it's the big rush with any Heparin injections and give meds to just about every patient rushing to finish before the 7:00 shift comes in and finish any charting that we didn't have time to complete during the evening. No time for "lunch break" and our 15 minutes break usually involves wolfing something down while doing the chart checks. -That's just my experience but I'm a fairly new grad. I'm learning alot and like my co-workers but I just don't like the pt. ratio