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I am currently looking for a new job but I had an idea it was time to move on when I got a new manager. My awesome job has just become plain out awful and even though I have tried to make it work, I am just done. Finished. Over... Read More

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    I worked weekend nights in a LTC. Two units were LTC and one was medicare/rehab. and each unit had 40+ people. The LTC units had 1 nurse/night, the medicare/rehab. unit had 2. Management then decided that the rehab. unit could get by with one nurse at night. Several of the nurses immediately quit.

    So now they're scrambling to find coverage. One morning (after a long night), I was just leaving when the staffing coordinator stopped me to ask if I would be picking up a shift. After I confirmed that it was the medicare/rehab unit and that I would be the only nurse, I said something like "I don't care what management says, that's way too much for one person so, no, I'm not interested".

    To make matters even better, this happened in a public hallway with people around. (What can I say - I was tired and obviously not thinking. I should have just said I had plans and let it go.)

    Oddly enough, after having NO write-ups in the previous year-and-a-half, I got three in the three weeks. I can take a hint - started looking for another job, found one (quickly, thank god) and gave my notice.

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