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Hello everyone, I was a Telecommunication Technician that was laid off in May from WorldCom and now I am thinking about a career change. I have always been interested in the medical field but having a hard time deciding what... Read More

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    What is an LNA?

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    I would imagine it stands for Licensed Nursing Assistant.

    Funny, I started looking into the medical field when my field dried up, too. I'm a contractor in the computer field, and the BOTTOM fell out here in NC. I went 10 months between contracts, and had started taking continuing ed courses at a local community college.

    I'm still taking continuing ed classes, and will continue getting actual prerequisites out of the way next semester. My girlfriend is an ex-OR nurse who is now a head nurse, and is a good resource for all my questions and concerns. It sounds like a good field, as long as you know what you're getting into.

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