Should I be forward about being a stripper?

  1. I am a new BSN graduate trying to put together my resume. I have been a stripper on and off for about six years. I am wondering if I should just be straight forward about being a stripper or if I should leave it off of my resume and fill in the blanks with my part time aesthetician work and restaurant jobs I've held. I don't want to hide anything or lie about it but if I can avoid the stigma I'd prefer that. I am worried that if I am not straight forward with it, my business license may come up in the background check and then it will look like I was not being honest.

    I would really like the advice of any hiring managers.

    Thank you for your time.
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  3. by   TopazLover
    I am no expert in resume writing. My understanding is that not every job you have ever had needs to be on one. Put the ones that you can tie into nursing in some way. Aesthethician certainly could be related. Use restaurant jobs to show continuity, perhaps. I see no reason to put anything that might be considered negative. At the same time understand that nothing on facebook is private so if you had pictures on there or elsewhere they could be found.

    I doubt the type of background check for an entry nursing position would be of the depth to look at business licenses. That level would cost an employer a few hundred dollars for each new employee and most of the info is either outdated or not correct. If you plan to join the Secret Service or become POTUS it would be discoverd. Other than that I would not sweat it.
  4. by   CrunchRN
    I would leave it off.
  5. by   wanderlust99
    You don't need to mention that.
  6. by   HouTx
    What a pickle.

    If you were paid (by the employer) for that job, it will turn up on your background check. It will show up no matter whether the wages were subject to FICA or whether you were paid as an independent contractor and received a 1099. The only way it would not show up is if you were only paid in tips - no money from the employer. So - if there is nothing on your resume, but it shows up in your background check that would be an information 'mismatch' which is a red flag in the employment process. So, if this job is going to turn up on the background check, I think you should list it somehow - maybe as 'dancer' or 'entertainer'.

    In today's Internet world, most HR departments also utilize Google as part of background checks. If you used your real name for your previous job, it will certainly show up. If there are photos online as part of the club's marketing/publicity, this is another issue. If you end up with a nursing job in the same geographic area - there is obviously a much higher likelihood of encountering former customers who recognize you. If your former job becomes common knowledge among your co-workers the results could be very unpredictable. New grads are stressed enough by the way their more experienced colleagues treat them... this adds a whole other dimension. Be prepared.
  7. by   bebbercorn
    Leave it off your resume. With your resume not to exceed 1-2 pages, it is understood that you don't list all of your experience there. Good luck.
  8. by   Nurse_

    If you ever submitted a W-2 to the employer, and you've filed taxes claiming to have worked in that place, you will have to put it on your resume or any online applications you'll fill-up in the future.

    You can choose to leave it out on your resume. Your resume is not a legal document, think of it as an advertisement.

    However, if you are asked to fill-out a company application form you have to put it in. WHY? The company application form is a legal document and can be used to fire you if the information becomes available to them.

    Use their COMPANY NAME and not the business establishment's name (Johnson&Johnson has a medical devices company known as Advanced Sterilization Products (ASP)).
  9. by   CrunchRN
    I would still leave it off. Your pre-nurse work life matters little once you are a nurse. I have left plenty of things off my resume for several decades with no issues.

    If you must put it in then label yourself as a "hostess" or something bland like that.
  10. by   serenitylove14
    NOOOOO!!!!!!!!! I was a stripper as well. Do Not Tell Them!! They can and will judge you! Although that is steady work history thats a stigma you dont want to have...
  11. by   joanna73
    I wouldn't mention stripping because most employers will be biased in a negative way. I worked for almost 20 years at various jobs before I was a nurse. Only the relevant positions are included on my resume, as it should be. And in fact, I knew of a couple of women who were stripping while we were in school. They are both working nurses today and I'm sure stripping was not mentioned. It's rather taboo.
  12. by   Esme12
    The experience at your job has no application in your present profession. I would leave it off.
  13. by   Meriwhen
    IMO, unless you are legally obligated to disclose it, I'd leave it off as it doesn't pertain to the position that you are applying to--it's neither a healthcare position nor one at a healthcare facility.

    Also, by disclosing it, you leave yourself open for being judged...and not always fairly.

    Though I agree with a PP: there is a possibility that it may come out that you were a stripper, especially if you are applying for jobs in the same geographic area that you stripped in. Be prepared to address that should it arise.

    Best of luck in the job hunt!
  14. by   missladywoman
    To any ladies that worked as a dancer and was still able to get a job as a nurse, did you file taxes as a stripper?? I ask because I'm considering stripping and I would love to do it the right way and file taxes, but not if leaving a paper trail is going to keep me from my dream..