Is an RN refresher course even worth it at this point? - page 3

Hey everyone, I'm having a dilemma and I need some input. I finished nursing school with honors (BSN) and received my license from the summer of '09 and have been looking for RN work since then. Unfortunately, the same year I... Read More

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    Quote from tokmom
    Seems rather excessive to me. Heck, I was out for almost 5 yrs (16 yr under my belt) and never required a refresher. I didn't feel like I lost that many skills. My weak area were the new meds that had come out.

    Why not get certified for a lot less money? It looks good on a resume, and it is a refresher course as well.
    The difference between you and the OP is that you HAD experience. Leaving and coming back and not having been in at all are two very different things.

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