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  1. FutureRN_NP

    Body fluid exposure..from a cyst?

    Does your facility have any policy just in case this happens? I would be worry too if I were you. Talk to your PCP about it and see if you can get tested. I think usually 6 months after exposure to be sure you are not contracted anything. Not medical advice but these are steps I would take myself.
  2. FutureRN_NP

    Need Some Advice...Which Job To Take?

    It definitely is a tough call. If the second offer was a permanent job, I would not hesitate to advise that you take it. However, it is just two months. Speaking of experience first hand I would not take the job at the LTC. Think about this although it is two months job you will have the opportunity apply for a different position. The hardest part might be over since you already have your foot in the door. Just another way of looking at it. I worked at LTC before and now working at hospital. I would not trade my new job for LTC even the pay is better. Good luck to your final decision.
  3. FutureRN_NP

    PRN and got call off more than I thought, is this normal?

    I was scheduled to work but still called off on my shift? How is that possible? Maybe I am new to this PRN world and learning how it operates :)
  4. Hello my fellow nurses, I got a question especially for all the PRN folks. I recently work in a hospital but as PRN and I already got call off more than I anticipated. Is this normal?
  5. FutureRN_NP

    5th Nursing Caption Contest - Win $100

    Charles! I think one of them was a student nurse helped take care of you in the hospital last year. What on earth has happened to him? He is a change person indeed.
  6. FutureRN_NP

    SD RN Job & Pay Rate

    Hi all SD RNs! I might be moving there within the next 2 years and I will by then roughly have 2 yrs RN experience. I would like to know how the job market there. What is the average pay rate? Where would be best to apply? I am a RN with BSN. I prefer to work in hospital. Any input and information is greatly appreciated.
  7. FutureRN_NP

    Just another new nurse needing some advice :(

    I can relate and yes I am in the same position. It gets annoy at time when your charge nurse (just one) I encounter recently talks to me a new nurse like a child. I understand I might not have many years experience as this charge nurse has but no doubt my skills will develop. This post helps me gain some confidence of what to do if this ever occurs to me.
  8. FutureRN_NP

    Would U hav time for meh?

    In this situation, I would first hold of the discharge paper because you can always come back to finish it. When you are ready to discharge a pt you should have all information you need to answer the family. Therefore, first hold of the discharge, ask the family/relative what information they need. If you feel the information is more lengthy ask them if they can call back in 10-15minutes. After that you could check what the patient who ring you needs. I think the physician should be last. That what I would do.
  9. FutureRN_NP

    New Orientee working with SN

    Thanks all for words of encouragement. I don't let that bother me anymore. I've learned that people will be people. Some are worse than the other anywhere I go :)
  10. FutureRN_NP

    New Orientee working with SN

    I am a new hired in this hospital. My preceptor is wonderful and very knowledgeable. I like her. But here is the thing that bothers me little bit. She orients two people, me and another senior SN. SN is already been on the floor for much longer than I have. She knows her way in and out while I am new and I just started to learn. Anyway, I get this attitude from this SN that I don't know my things. She acts as if I am dumb the least word to say. What I really want to say so bad to her is of course I don't know my way around and how to operate the system just yet but that doesn't mean I don't have the core knowledge. After all I am the one with the license while you are not you see. I already proved to the state board I am competent enough to be a nurse. I don't need to prove it to you. Anyway that was just the thought that I later disregarded and ignore her attitude altogether. I am the type of person who respect my elder. What would you do in this situation if you were me?
  11. FutureRN_NP

    Job search question

    When they ask what shift you prefer or looking for tell them you are not picky. You will take whatever available. I was previously applied for FT then they told me they did not have FT at this moment but PRN. I said sure I will take that. What you want to do is make yourself more marketable, more flexible to potential employer. Once you get your foot in the door you can always apply for PT or FT later. It easier to transfer then trying to get hired.
  12. FutureRN_NP

    I've made a mistake, and now I need help

    I would say ask the head doc first for the guidelines. He can call the shot if pt needs to be contacted and obtain late entry signature. I would not go out about anything until further advise from him. This way you are practice and act according to the facility's protocol. I don't really know anyone who had been in this situation. All I can say is that what I would do. You are a new nurse and if this is your first mistake they should understand. Lets us know what you had decided and how it went. Good luck!
  13. FutureRN_NP

    Anyone else the QUIET nurse?

    I can be quite at times depends on how comfortable I am with the other persons. I think the misconception people have on quite nurse vs loud nurse is the assertiveness portray in loud nurses. Pts tend to listen and become more passive toward nurses who direct and straight to the point or and know how to manipulate the situation. I am actually learning to be more assertive, talk less about my personal life and think before I speak. I tend to let people know who I am as a person which most would have care less. From what I have learned regarding talk less and think more is that you never know what you say might come back to haunt you.
  14. FutureRN_NP

    I've made a mistake, and now I need help

    I say do what your guts tell you. If it is safer to talk to the head doc who the one will decide your faith anyway then do so. If he is okay with it more likely than not the other doc will be as well. Doesn't the document become a permanent record after the procedure completed?
  15. FutureRN_NP

    I've made a mistake, and now I need help

    I would say let him know and be remorseful in front of him. He might spare you which I am very positive he would. Honesty is the most valuable thing we human own.
  16. FutureRN_NP

    Should I let it go or hanging on to it?

    You couldn't have said it better. Did you find another job already? I know this hospital job might be a big challenge and a major change but nurse-pt ratio is much lower. I prefer to stay focus on pt's complications than try to get the work done because I have so many pts in my care.

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