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So I have a question, can you give your two week notice during orientation and still be oriented for the last two weeks? Or can they ask/force you to leave immediately? I have only been orienting as a RN for about 3 weeks. I... Read More

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    Never say never! People move, and believe it or not, sometimes people move back. Job loss, death, illness, divorce, or simply missing home could lead to another move. Not only could you want to work there in the future, but nowadays hospitals are being bought up by parent companies and health systems. So this burned bridge could haunt you later on in another state if it ends up owned by a conglomerate. Would the unit manager on this floor be the one you will need as a good reference for your time as a tech? It would be a bad decision to make her upset with you since you will need her reference for future positions. You obviously have made your decision, not sure why you were asking advice if you don't want to hear it. We are simply answering the question you asked, just offering a little advice based on experience. It is your life and your decision, so do what you want. You don't have to answer to anyone, and sometimes you need to learn things the hard way. We all have done that at least once.

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    Quote from BluegrassRN
    I don't think it's certain that you would be marked "do not rehire" if you quit during orientation. I'm sure they'd rather you quit now than if you quit after orientation.
    Of course not. They might understand and not want to put more money in to training the OP if it's not going to work out in the end. I was told during my orientation that if I felt it wasn't working out for me, to just let them know and they'd transfer me to another unit. But it IS a possibility, and one the OP needs to weigh and think through before making a decision.
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    They will probably ask you to leave right away. I say follow your heart, you seem to be more interested in med surg. I do, however, suggest that you ask to shadow a half day or so on the med surg floor BEFORE giving your notice at your current position. Because if you leave your current job, then discover you don't care for med surg, you will be looking at your 3rd RN job in less than a year and that will not look good. If you do change, you need to stay at your new gig for at least a year. When are you moving? If it is not that far away it might be more worthwhile to stay put until then. Can you try to get a med surg position at your current hospital? Some places make you wait 6 months to do an internal transfer, but since they don't want to waste money training you they might be willing to do an internal transfer. It is easier to get a med surg job than a post partum job, but if you know for sure you NEVER want to do PP than I guess you should change. Also, considering that you are moving, it would look a lot better to a potential employer to have been at the same hospital for 5+ years, than to have only been at one for less than a year before moving and finding a new one. Just some things to consider.

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