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    I'm new to this site, so I don't know if this has been discussed before or not. I'm thirty years old, and I have wanted to get into the Nursing field since I graduated from High School. For mostly financial reasons, I put off college until last year. I will be eligible to start a two year program this fall, but I've been wondering if I'm too old to start this type of career.
    I guess I wonder if I will be able to be of use to others long enough for it to be worth all of the trials and tribulations of nursing school. I appreciate any advice.

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    only you know the answer to that one. Most of the nurses that are still active (to my knowledge) are between 33 and 52. Also many of them went later on in life. I went back to school at 29, and did a few things and pre-reqs. I then decided on nursing at 31, and quit work to go full time. At 33 I finished, and at 38 I'm still here. Some love it, and complain. Some hate it and complain. Some don't do it anymore. there is a drastic need for nurses right now and in the future. However, only you know if it's worth it.
    Advice? ok!

    #1 - Don't do it for the money!

    #2 - Don't avoid it because of your age. Avoiding something because of your age is unacceptable, and could leave you with life long regret.

    #3 - "Growing old is inevitable, growing up is not"

    #4 - Winners never quit, and quitters never win"

    I'll shut up now, I think I have said enough and hopefully made my point.

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    TOO OLD, NEVER1!! I was 33 when I returned to school to obtain my ADN. I obtained my BSN at age 40. I am 41 now and am entering a MSN FNP program this fall. Go for your dream. Best wishes and good luck.
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    I was 36 years old when I entered nursing school. I got a two year degree. I am now 46 years old and have just started a 15 month proggram to obtain my BSN. GO FOR IT!

    I think nurses with a little "life experience" under their belt make better nurses. I'm sure I'll catch some flack for that....but I believe it's true.
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    Thank you! Your reassurance makes me feel better. I guess I was feeling a little silly going to school with "kids" right out of high school, even though I'm not the only one there who is 30 or older. Thanks again!
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    Hi, Shellntx... I'm 42 and will find out next week if I've been accepted to the ADN program. Thirty seemed pretty old at the time I was thirty, but guess what... now it's twelve years later and I'm just beginning to follow my dream. The longer you wait, the longer it'll take! Best wishes!
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    Good Luck to all of you new nurses to be!! I can't imagine "not" being a nurse, but to be very honest: I don't know if I could recommend it to an 18 year old. I think the older the person is at this time of our healthcare situation, the more prepared they are to cope. I really worry about our young nurses coming out into this ocean with all those "Sharks" (and I don't mean other nurses) it seems we have to develop such a "Thick Skin" to deal with the "politics and our treatment" but still be able to have "thin skin" when it comes to our patients and their needs.....hum.....
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    I didn't start nursing school until I was almost 30, it was easier in someways because I had experiences to draw on that the younger ones did not. I also have 3 kids and blood, vomit etc didn't faze me. I think to that my committment level was higher because I was doing it because I wanted to and not because I thought it "might" be a good career choice for me. Go for it. Don't let age guide you!!!!
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    I was 42 when I enrolled in a 2 year college. I had to do 3smesters of pre req's before beingadmitted to theprogram
    I found out about my acceptance after being out of school for 1 semester. I had finished all of my prereq's and was waiting for a reply from the program admin. During that time I was at the tail end of a bankruptcy due to a biz failure that wiped me out. I was also staying at my mom's house to take her to the hospital about 3 x a week for her newly diagnosed cancer. I had my wife and child staying back in Florida during this time to help keep the house in order. My life was in shambles but I kept at it. I returned to Florida in December tostart the program and by that time my mom's XRT was completed. I was able to obtain loans and grants to get me through school and employed at a local hospital part time to help with expenses. My wife was working and we had health ins. throuh her job. I finished school in 8/95 and have been working ever since. I'm now 50 years old with > than 5 years as a RN. By the way my mom died the week after I finished nursing school.
    If I did it I 'm sure you can to. Sorry for the length of the message. Good luck.
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    Thank you for sharing your story with me. It is so inspiring to hear what others have gone through to become a nurse. I started pre-req's in 1990, but quit because I thought I could never make it financially. Now things are a little more stable, and I really think I can do it this time. It's just kind of scary.

    Thank you everyone who has replied. Your posts have been very helpful. I really appreciate the support.

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