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    Just need some advice. Iam a 33yo male, currently taking pre-req's at a local community college for entry ,hopefully, into a adn or bsn program, depending on the grades. I am also in a caregiving field (funeral director) so I'm used to the grief bereavement and blood. I've been surfing this site for months now and see so much negativity towards the profession. I understand some of this reality, I can handle that, but my question is ,is it worth a career change? I love the medical sciences and I believe I need a new challenge. Or should I just try to become a tech (cardiovascular). I need some honest opinions.


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    Mostly the negativity is because we come here to vent and most often it is about the patient/client that really was a PITA. Just remember that at the moment none of your "patients" actually complain.................................
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    Our "patients" may not complain, but their families do ! You have to remember they very stressed, upset and demanding. It is a customer service oriented business.
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    Then you do have an idea of what we go through!! For us it is both the patient and the family - just as stressed but coming from different directions. We end up caught in the middle especially if the family is demanding more than the hospital is willing to give i.e. Mum needs a nurse full time so that her every whim can be catered for - sorry but the hospital says I have all these other people to care for at the same time.
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    I'm also planning a career change...little more radical than yours, I'm been a CPA and systems analyst for 20 years...but anyway, I've been reading this board like crazy as it's the best place I've found to listen to nurses talk about their work. What I've seen is that certain areas of nursing have more serious problems than others. For instance, hospital nursing is one that comes to mind. I've seen it described as in a state of crisis. Take a look at the section of this board that lists all the different specialty areas and check them out. You'll see some of them are not as stressed (and stress inducing!) as others. As I'm sure others have told you by now, that's one of nursing's strong suits -- many, many options for wide variety of work environments and tasks.
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    So aside from all of the negativity, Is it still worth to pursue?
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    Originally posted by undertaker
    So aside from all of the negativity, Is it still worth to pursue?
    That's strictly up to you. Many times in the past (and every week), potential nursing students have come here and asked that question. When some reply saying no, I wouldn't do it again, the original person asking the question often starts to rationalize it. i.e. "but every career/occupation has its' problems....."

    In other words, many people only want to hear what they want to hear.

    I have been a nurse for 12 years, and I say no, it is not worth persuing and If I could start at the beginning, I would do something else involving the biological sciences, but not nursing.

    Funny, I looked into mortuary science as a way to get out of nursing. There is a mortuary science program at my local cc, but no jobs in that here.

    You will get both yes and no answers to your quesion. Only you can decide if you are willing to chance it.

    Best of luck and success to you in whatever you decide.
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    in responce to your not pursuing nursing from the beginning. what are some other viable options in the biological sciences. P.A school would be desirable,but need to finish bachelors first.
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    I'm not a Pollyanna by any means...Nursing has been great to me. There are some days better than others, that's life!!!
    I work in Addiction Nursing, and so does everyone else if they think about!!! (I'm reading the pain management threads with a chuckle)
    I remember a nurse telling me long ago that "Nurses eat their young" if we want to survive we need to nurture our young.

    You may want to consider Forensic Nursing with your back ground. It may be worth investigating. Monmouth Univesity in NJ has certification in this field.

    Some days are crazy. I have a fellow employee that after a bad day he always says," Tell me Mrs. Lincoln, aside from everything else that happened tonight, how did you enjoy the play?" He also reminds me daily, "you have to be special to work here." (There are days I don't feel that special.)

    Humor puts things in perspective.
    You can't fake being a nurse, you'll know!!!!
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    Its a personal choice. Can you shadow an RN who is in an area you would be interested in?

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