Need advice for schooling! LPN vs A.A.S in Nursing

  1. LPN vs A.A.S in Nursing

    Hello everyone!

    My name is Ana and I'm very interested in a career change and going back to school for Nursing!
    I live in the Bronx and I'm interested in Hostos and Bronx Community college as they both offer
    LPN CERTIFICATE programs, but then they both also offer A.A.S in Nursing (Rn?) degrees.

    I'm just wondering if anyone can help me out to choose which path to take. I'm trying to finish as quickly as possible.

    A friend told me the only difference really is whether you want to tell people you have a degree or not. He is an LPN himself, he said the pay is the same because once you are an LPN, you're a certified LPN. I'm just looking for more opinions on this?

    Also if anyone is working, especially in NYC I'd LOVE LOVE LOVE any advice about nursing in general, about schooling, about the exam, about jobs, about anything you can give me advice on.
    Also, if anyone is kind enough to reach out to me personally I'd love the advice and I'd love to ask some more questions, send a private message.

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  3. by   GilaRRT
    Your friend is mistaken. If you have the time and money, I would always say go for more education. The RN will provide you with additional flexibility and mobility.
  4. by   LoveMyBugs
    go for the RN, it will provide more job opportunities for you. The RN route is 2 years plus pre-reqs and the LPN is about 12-18 months depending on the school. RN's supervise LPNs so they are not the same.
  5. by   caliotter3
    If you have the opportunity, then go for the RN program. If there is a waiting list that is too long, or you are rejected for the RN program, you may want to consider getting an LPN license and seeking an LPN to RN bridge program. And for the LPN program, if they offer a degree option in addition to a certificate option, then take the required courses and get your degree.
  6. by   nep1980
    They are two totally different things. Why don't you see if you could shadow both an LPN and an RN and see which is better for you. I myself would go with the RN (as I am currently doing now), but for you the LPN may be the better route. See which one is the best fit for you! Good Luck
  7. by   kcochrane
    Like everyone has said..depends on how fast you need to get to work and how long the waiting lists are. I started out as a LPN because I needed to work quickly. It took me 4 1/2 years to get my RN, but it was worth it. I am happy the route I took, but it was the best one for me. LPNs do in most case make less money depending on the job and the facility. They are also limited in the jobs they can take. With the economy I have found that local hospitals are not as welcoming to LPNs as they were when the shortage was on. You many find you can only work in LTC, but getting on a rehab or respiratory floor can give you excellent experience.
    Good luck!
  8. by   onepowerfullady
    I am in LPN school because the waiting list is so long for the RN programs. I am going to finish this and bridge to RN after one year of working. I think it's great because I can get experience under my belt and RN school will be indeed challenging, but I have some idea as to what's going on. Good luck!