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  1. honeydewnyc

    Any nurses with thyroid problems?

    Hello A.N.! Are there any nurses with thyroid problems? I have Grave's Disease - did radiation ablation - now I'm hypothyroid. I was taking 150mg Synthroid for 9 months, felt badly but my TSH was low so my doc reduced me to 137mg Synthroid, added 5mg BID cytomel, felt worse, and now I'm taking 90 mg Armour. It's been about a week but still feeling the same. My biggest symptom is the brain fog - it is HORRIBLE. I wish I had a broken limb instead of this. It's really awful and stopping me from working. Any tips? Experiences? Thanks.
  2. honeydewnyc

    NYCHHC Applications?!

    It takes FOREVER. Months, months, and months. If you're desperate to get in, which is a good idea to start at a city hospital, go in person. Try to think of any connections you might have to expedite the process.
  3. honeydewnyc

    Travel Nurse tips?

    0Hello AllNurses! I'm an NYC ER RN looking to take up a travel assignment in California. I'm hoping for some sunshine and a change of scenery! Can anyone recommend any good travel agencies for an ER RN? Can you advise which ones to stay away from? So far I've heard good things about Cross Country but before I sign up, I'd love to know what you think. If you have any tips at all about traveling, that'd be great! Thanks!
  4. Hello AllNurses! I'm an NYC ER RN looking to take up a travel assignment in California. I'm hoping for some sunshine and a change of scenery! Can anyone recommend any good travel agencies for an ER RN? Can you advise which ones to stay away from? So far I've heard good things about Cross Country but before I sign up, I'd love to know what you think. Thanks!
  5. honeydewnyc

    RN jobs in NYC

    Hello allnurses! Just wondering if you can tell me which hospitals will hire without a BSN/BSN in progress. I have about a year and a half experience, most in a hospital in the ED. I LOVE the people I work with, however management is really bad. Any luck with any hospitals in the NYC/Westchester area? If so, can you please share the starting salary? Thanks.
  6. honeydewnyc

    Suggestions for RN to BSN online programs?

    Thanks! You completed 34 really quickly! Was it a lot of work, were you just trying to get it over with ASAP? I'm worried that with WGU, I'll pay for the semesters and get caught up with the classes instead of quickly moving forward.
  7. Hello! I was wondering if you could please tell me about your RN to BSN online programs? I'm looking for one without clinicals. 1.) Did they accept most of your credits? 2.) How often do you have new classes - by semester or every 8-10-12 weeks? 3.) Difficulty - average time spent doing classwork? 4.) Cost per credit/semester? Thank you! I've started a program with CUNY but it's taking me forever! Not to mention I'll have to do two clinical rotations when my co-workers are completing their RN to BSN in half the time without clinicals for the same price! I'm just wondering what's out there. I've been told about Aspen and Governors Western (which seems a little too good to be true..) Any help would be great, thanks! :)
  8. honeydewnyc

    Advice about leaving a great job? :(

    Unfortunately at my place of employment, the union only covers us after 12 months from the date of hire. We are on probation the entire first year. Also, I checked into the FMLA hours - we need 1250, I only have 1000 which is a total bummer! What I am experiencing is brain related so there is no estimated length of healing unfortunately so I'm unsure of whether this will be short term or not. Thank you for your advice, I will definitely look into short term disability Monday.
  9. honeydewnyc

    Advice about leaving a great job? :(

    Hello fellow Nurses, I'm writing this looking for some kind of insight and asking what your thoughts on this might be. I'm very conflicted at the moment. I work in a city hospital - NYC HHC, in the ER where the experience is the blessing of a lifetime and I absolutely love working there and I love what I do. I go in feeling happy and leave fulfilled. I've been there for about 7 months, and unfortunately I am experiencing some medical issues that might force me to leave. Having only 7 months, I realize that I'm probably not eligible for FMLA, and I doubt the Union can do anything for me as new hires are on probation for the first year. I only have my associates, working on my BSN right now, but what are the chances of getting another hospital job after my medical issue resolves? Is there anything that anyone can suggest that I bring up with my HR department to protect my position? It's breaking my heart because I've only ever wanted to work at this hospital and I feel like all my hard work, taking bs jobs to build a resume, will all be wasted. Not to mention only 7 months experience probably just makes me look like a new grad still. I'm trying to be realistic and assume that they won't re-hire me if I leave. With the medical issue I've tried to persevere and ignore for several weeks now, hoping to keep my job, but it seems to have made my condition worse. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks Nurses.
  10. honeydewnyc

    NYC New Grad Job advice please!

    Isn't it so discouraging? About one year. I want to get it done ASAP.
  11. honeydewnyc

    NYC New Grad Job advice please!

    Hello fellow Nurses! I'm wondering if someone can please give some insight on how to apply for hospital jobs in the NYC area. It seems that all of my friends and I are applying online and hearing nothing back, it is so discouraging and completely depressing. My classmates are mostly working in nursing homes/LTC and hating it, myself doing flu clinics and health fairs but now at an ambulatory clinic which I'm grateful for, however I'm not gaining any real experience. I don't actually feel like a real nurse and know I can put my energy into really taking care of patients. If anyone could give any sort of advice as to where to apply in NYC for a new grad and how to go about it, I would 100000% appreciate it. I've applied online, gone in person and been told to apply online. I feel like the only people to get hospital jobs have all had connections. (Sidenote - I have my ASN and currently working on my BSN to RN.) Thanks so much.
  12. honeydewnyc

    Passing the NCLEX :)

    That's okay! You still have time! You can do this. :)
  13. honeydewnyc

    Passing the NCLEX :)

    Agreed! It's crazy, and what you and I have both pointed out are basic concepts! Not to mention very important to understand!!!
  14. honeydewnyc

    Passing the NCLEX :)

    I passed the NCLEX and you can too!!!!!! I'm sorry if this is lengthy I just really hope that I can help someone the way that the people on this website have helped me. Just a little background - before the nursing program I was a straight A student, once I was in the Nursing Program - I was happy to get a B or C. Nursing classes are no joke! You could say I was an average student. Graduated May 2014, took a week off which turned into two weeks off then three to just relax and do nothing, which I now fully regret. My biggest concern initally was content and it made me super anxious and anal. I felt like I needed to know everything so I gave myself a calendar so that I would cover everything. Week 1 - Fundamentals Week 2 - OB Week 3 - PEDS Week 4 - Pharm Week 5 - Med Surg Week 6 - Med Surg Week 7 - Psych Week 8 - Review Week 9 - Review Week 10 - NCLEX Sounds good right? Well, I really feel like I wasted a lot of time and encourage you study HARD and study WELL for maybe 4-6 weeks then take the exam. I feel like if I had studied the way that I did the 2 weeks prior to my exam, I could've taken it a lot sooner and passed. However, everything happens for a reason and you shouldn't bite off more than you can chew. Just sayin... For Content review I used: ATI - Learning Activities, Various Chapters, and Step-By-Step videos Saunders - a MUST. Simple Nursing - amazing, watch these videos on YouTube My Nursing School notes 35 Page Study Guide - very helpful mnemonics. & Kaplan LOD - a little, barely. For Questions: Virtual ATI ATI Mentor App Med Surg Success - amazing, teaches you a lot of good content as well. LaCharity - a MUST. Kaplan (I attended the in class as well as using the online resources) & PrepU My school was kind enough to give us the ATI program through out school for free as well as the Virtual ATI Coach for free after graduation which I consider a huge blessing. The thing about ATI is that it's mostly content review, either you know your stuff or you don't and it's hard to eliminate answers and what not when taking their assessments. ***For all you non-ATI using people, if there is a disease/disorder/simplest little fact that you're unsure of - simply Google "ATI Testing _(fill in the blank)_____" and it will bring up the Chapter of their E-Books that correlate with what you're searching. They have loads of great charts, interventions and PDFs. Also, if you want to watch videos, Google "ATI Testing Step-By-Step (fill in the blank)__" and a really great videos will pop up, for example; tracheostomy care, measuring the fundus, etc. If you're the kind of person who needs a book in front of them, you can order the books on Amazon for literally pennies... I have no idea why they're so cheap.*** In my opinion, the Kaplan LOD were decent...however some of the information was incorrect and it totally discouraged me from watching them too much - example: The Lecturer confused Hyperthyroidism and Hypothyroidism's Myxedema coma and thyroid storm...hmmm. It was good for the Pharm review, but lengthy for the amount of substance I withdrew from the hours of lectures. Don't be mad at yourself if you don't watch all of them before you test. Simple Nursing videos on YouTube were a great tool for me, he has funny little quirky ways of not only remembering things, but truly understanding the concepts with really great similes/metaphors. On YouTube he's Mike Linares or Simple Nursing. If there were only three things you could use, I would definitely say to use: 1.) Saunders for the Content - commit to it and you will benefit greatly. 2.) LaCharity for the Prioritization and Delegation questions - which my NCLEX was full of. 3.) Kaplan QBank and QTrainers - the in class was very helpful for me, I'm the kind of person who needs to be able to ask questions and visually see it, if you buy the Online Kaplan program, they explain everything to you but not as nicely as in person. My ATI scores were around the mid 60's to upper 70's and my Kaplan scores were; Diagnostic: 64 Readiness: 67 QT 1: 56 QT 2: 65 QT 3: 51 QT 4: 62 QT 5: 64 QT 6: 68 QT 7: 65 As you can see, I didn't score better than the 60's and I still passed. The test is tricky, but it's asking you to THINK, not just know. If you can navigate the questions and know what you're really being asked, you will pass. Ok, so about my exam. The day before I still felt like I had so much to review, I tried to review my notes, my Question Trainers, I tried to do another ATI exam but it was just NOT happening. I actually gave myself the biggest headache and I started getting dizzy - I'm assuming from anxiety and I was like screw this, this is more damaging than anything so I just stopped everything at like 5pm. I should've listened to my friends and fellow AllNurse.com members when they say to do nothing nurse related the day before the exam and to just relax. I think that the hardest part of the NCLEX and an also very important part of it was to simply relax and get my mind into the right place. For those that are taking it soon, I urge you to just relax the day before - go get your nails done, go out to eat, go watch a movie, leave the house if possible because the notes will be calling out your name! If you haven't learned it by then, you probably won't learn it the day before the NCLEX. I showed up a little before 8 on the day of my exam - 8/27, and went through the Pearson process of putting my things in a locker, kept a bottle of water in there, and went to my desk. First question...oh my god, what is this, I have NO idea what this is?! It was a cardiac question which is NOT one of my strong points. I made myself read the question and I was like ah... I get it, it's asking me to think, not just to pull data out of my a$$. It got easier from then on, the questions really ask you to think critically, in fact I believe that the questions were easier than the Kaplan Q Bank and Question Trainer questions. I had about 2-4 SATA/Ordering questions for every 2-3 normal questions, 1 EKG, 1 med, and 1 picture. 3.5 hours later I get to question 75, press Next and I get the blue screen. Didn't know what to think or what to feel so I was happy but cried a little too because seriously, it's scary!!! Later that night, my friend did the new Pearson Vue Trick for me and I got the good popup, less than 48 hours later I got my rapid results and had passed. Good Luck to everyone studying and testing soon! You can do it!!!!!!!! NCLEX STUDY GUIDE.pdf Maternity.docx Peds.docx
  15. honeydewnyc

    Input on Kaplan Scores & NCLEX PLZ!

    Woohoo! Just did the rapid results, I passed!!!! Thanks for your input before guys!!!
  16. I was having issues with mine as well, sometimes it worked when I restarted my browser and cleared all history and cache, all that...but then sometimes it wouldn't work - this was on my Mac. And sometimes it wouldn't work on my Mac but it worked on the PC on Google Chrome and Internet Explorer, so try to reset the browser, use a different browser, and if those methods don't work. Call Kaplan - the girl on the phone told me that the getting stuck at "Ordering Operations" issue was common so added the NCLEX On Demand to my profile in addition to my Live Classroom program and extended the length of my access.