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My college is currently having a problem with academic integrity. My class was taking computerized tests, and a large number of students found that they could go to another computer lab after they... Read More

  1. by   CareBear27
    If they are printing the test, are they passing it to others? This sounds like dishonesty because the test will most probably get leaked out to others and may lead to cheating.
  2. by   BuckyBadgerRN
    I don't buy it. There are PLENTY of resources, guides, manuals, textbooks and classes that will prep you for taking the NCLEX. Printing off an exam, complete with the answers is academic dishonesty. Who's to say that they won't provide these answers to next years class?

    Quote from antrara
    They printed out the test with the answers and explanations. It was because they wanted to compare the test to their notes and figure out what they got wrong, and they wanted to study from the test later on, like for the NCLEX.
  3. by   firefly101
    I was just wondering about this!! I've been tempted to do the same (haven't yet. something just hasn't felt "right" about it). I keep everything, ESPECIALLY test material, to study and review over breaks before going into my next semester of nursing school. I would NEVER give the answers to another student (I'm extremely competitive and obsessed with doing better in my classes than everybody else, whether they're in my current semester or have yet to take the classes, lol..). This is very interesting and I'm glad I stumbled upon this post!
  4. by   Esme12
    Quote from antrara
    They printed out the test with the answers and explanations. It was because they wanted to compare the test to their notes and figure out what they got wrong, and they wanted to study from the test later on, like for the NCLEX.
    It doesn't matter why they did it they accessed test information.....without asking/permission. That is academic dishonesty and could be grounds for dismissal.
  5. by   sharpeimom
    My husband includes a note on the syllabi for each of his classes that absolutely NO test forms, tests which have been graded and returned to students during class time so students may see their grades and questions they missed,
    may be removed from the classroom for ANY reason whatsoever. Copies of exams taken on computers in university computer centers may NOT be printed out. He has a line-up of cellphone storage areas using the chalk storage area on the blackboard, marked with each student's name. During exams, ALL phones are stored there. Failure to abide by the academic integrity policies may result in suspension from the class or school all the way to explusion from the class or from the university.

    He has made exceptions, but rarely. The student who was hit by the hit and run driver in mid-October and was out until January, took all her exams by email.

    If a student has a sick child or other relative, they may keep (and answer) their phones during tests.

    If a student wants to see his test or paper again, no problem at all. Catch him in his office, or make an appointment and it's a done deal.

    I usually remembered exactly which questions I missed. Still remember a few to this day!

    Unfortunately, the rampant disregard for honesty and intregrity on the part of so many students penalizes
    the majority of students -- the honest ones.
  6. by   NursingBro
    It is cheating.
  7. by   BuckyBadgerRN
    I like that your husband has an absolute cell phone policy during exams. It's kind of a shame that its necessary, but clearly it is.

    My final year of nursing school, an instructor that many of us hadn't had before was going over class expectations and such and informed us that her policy USED to be that cell phones be shut off and stored in backpacks or purses. BUT, this was shortly after a string of school shootings and she had decided that from now on she WANTED phones left on, but silenced so that if we needed to call for help if some nutjob was on campus, she didn't want precious time wasted on powering up phones, LOL This was HUGE b/c she is VERY old school!
  8. by   sharpeimom
    ColleenRN2B, that's scary! He also has a "turned off phones must be in purse or backpack" during class policy since one kid (no offense!) answered her phone every time the dumb thing rang which was about every ten minutes
    some days! She'd talk at her normal conversational level until they were done.

    Since he had her as a student, if a phone rings during class, he'll take it from the student and answer it,
    "___'s phone. This is his/her father speaking. May I take a message?" Usually, just once was enough!

    Obviously if he knows a student has a sick child, relative, or a babysitter emergency, well, that's different.

    I'll mention your post. He might want to rethink his policy about phones being turned off.
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  9. by   sharonp30
    So, who thinks that this test will be on Craigslist soon? That's why it's cheating, they didn't just want to see the test.
  10. by   PalmHarborMom
    If you look at this from the professor's point of view, if tests are re-used, then how does the professor know that you obtained the test "after" you took it? And when you need alittle extra cash, will you be tempted to sell it to the next semester students? Academic Dishonesty should be a very serious infraction that results in expulsion. Do you want the nurse that had to cheat his/her way through school?

    If you have to wonder whether something is cheating or not.... then it probably is.
  11. by   Stormyskier
    At my school, if we even "discuss" the questions among a group of us students, it is academic dishonesty! Some students may have not taken the test yet or were absent. The policy states, "Any discussion should be with the personnel who created the test". People usually go straight from the test to the persons office to schedule time to discuss it with the professor because some students were let go because they didn't follow policy. Hospitals run on policy and if you plan on working for one, your going to need to follow it if you plan on working there!