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My college is currently having a problem with academic integrity. My class was taking computerized tests, and a large number of students found that they could go to another computer lab after they finished the test and print it... Read More

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    ColleenRN2B, that's scary! He also has a "turned off phones must be in purse or backpack" during class policy since one kid (no offense!) answered her phone every time the dumb thing rang which was about every ten minutes
    some days! She'd talk at her normal conversational level until they were done.

    Since he had her as a student, if a phone rings during class, he'll take it from the student and answer it,
    "___'s phone. This is his/her father speaking. May I take a message?" Usually, just once was enough!

    Obviously if he knows a student has a sick child, relative, or a babysitter emergency, well, that's different.

    I'll mention your post. He might want to rethink his policy about phones being turned off.
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    So, who thinks that this test will be on Craigslist soon? That's why it's cheating, they didn't just want to see the test.
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    If you look at this from the professor's point of view, if tests are re-used, then how does the professor know that you obtained the test "after" you took it? And when you need alittle extra cash, will you be tempted to sell it to the next semester students? Academic Dishonesty should be a very serious infraction that results in expulsion. Do you want the nurse that had to cheat his/her way through school?

    If you have to wonder whether something is cheating or not.... then it probably is.
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    At my school, if we even "discuss" the questions among a group of us students, it is academic dishonesty! Some students may have not taken the test yet or were absent. The policy states, "Any discussion should be with the personnel who created the test". People usually go straight from the test to the persons office to schedule time to discuss it with the professor because some students were let go because they didn't follow policy. Hospitals run on policy and if you plan on working for one, your going to need to follow it if you plan on working there!

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