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A person that decides to do the Nursing program should be someone that is caring, sensitive and love communicating with and helping those that are unable to help themselves(yes, even those pesky... Read More

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    No offense taken, and if you truly enjoy nursing, God Bless you. As I often have said, I have the greatest respect for good nurses and GOD knows we need as many as we can get. Good luck with your nursing career. I just feel as though bedside nursing is not for me and i have stuck it out so i could become a crna.

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    I wouldn't say I decided to go into nursing just for the money, but it was certainly a deciding factor. When I looked at what new graduates were making in the field, it was a couple grand more than what I was making in my career at the time (animal trainer, they can pay you dirt because everyone wants to be one). And in talking with nurses and what they make, well, I may never be a millionaire or drive a BMW (wouldn't want to anyway!) but it's certainly a huge step up from what I was doing before.
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    I think its only right that nurses get good pay. Nurses have very critical role in health care. I don't think I would like to be a nurse if they pay me $12 an hour. I can earn that just answering phones and I don't have to go to school either! Hospitals need to stop being so stingy and help provide nurses good life because nurses are valuable!
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    Originally posted by Nurse Izzy
    Off that topic, I have heard rumours (from a friend who lives in TN - can't verify personally) that RNs in lower TN, near AL are making $40/hr because they are in such short supply there. They're hoping to draw nurses from the Huntsville and Nashville areas to cover their shortages.
    Sorry, but don't count on it . Not in Memphis anyway.

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    Tilleycs...nice post....and well said! I agree....

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