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I am doing well in school - I have gotten a 4.0 in the last two semesters. I loved learning pathophysiology and pharmacology and the skills. But as I go through the program, each continuing semester involves having more clinical... Read More

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    Quote from Lucidity

    It sounds bad but I don't like dealing with the patients. I'm scared of working with them. :/
    You're not the only one....even among your classmates. It can be very scary dealing with sick, vulnerable people. One can feel like any slight misstep can cause serious harm.....which it usually does NOT.

    Is there an instructor you feel comfortable with? If so, mention your feelings to him/her. Generations of nursing students have had similar feelings at one time or another.

    Ask for a little extra attention from your clinical instructors. They can and should reinforce the things you do well, point out ways to improve, and offer suggestions to become more confident.

    As several posters pointed out above, nursing is a broad field and bedside is only one part of it, albeit a big part.

    Best of luck to you and hang in there.

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    What kinds of patients have you dealt with so far? I recall disliking most of my LPN schooling because we were in nursing homes- and I did not want to work in a nursing home...no way, no how, no sir! Didn't like dealing with confused elderly people because by instinct I felt like I had to talk to them like they were toddlers, and I knew that was demeaning and insulting, and the whole atmosphere was depressing and stressful between the patients, the staff nurses and family members.

    But then the last two weeks of the program had me in the hospital setting for OB and for a med-surg integrated practicum. WOW, did I do a 180. It was still stressful, because like you, I have a hard time talking to people even just socially. However, I can tell you that once I started working as an LPN (in peds, because that's where I really wanted to work) I loosened up, and when I went back for my RN, it was...well, it was sort of like starting over a bit because clinical was intimidating, and the staff nurses were intimidating, but again I loosened up by the end. It's like using a muscle that you're not used to using, it takes some work, it's not comfortable but once you're loosened up it gets easier.

    All through nursing school- both LPN and RN I always heard, over and over: "clinical is NOTHING like the real world. It is just a sample!" And that's so right, never show up on day one of orientation in a clinical mindset- you'll be bowled over. What I'm really trying to say is that it does get better. You have some good choices depending on where you are and what the nursing market is like where you live. Phone triage, school nursing, health insurance nurse person...give it a chance.
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    I don't think you should do anything you hate. Especially don't think you should make that thing a career.
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    I don't necessarily think that hating clinicals will mean that you hate nursing. Working with patients does get easier. I used to be extremely shy when I was younger, but I've managed to overcome a lot of that. I also have always felt like a scientist more than a nurse and felt that I belonged in a lab. I still enjoy nursing for the most part. I think you just need to find the right area for you. It may not even have to be in direct patient care.
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    I don't think that will have any impact on what kind of nurse you will be. Just hang in there and keep your head up! It's a tough road but every nurse gets through it!
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    I agree with those that are warning you away from nursing. Even if you can "get used" to dealing with patients, it would undoubtedly be a continuous source of stress for you. Living an inauthentic life is a quick trip to bahootie-ville.

    Have you considered a 'behind the scenes' healthcare career such as clinical lab technology?
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    Time to re-evaluate?

    I didn't look some clinicals in nursing school; TERRIFIED with the ICU, but eventually had to tell myself every morning before clinicals that I want to be a nurse and my passion is to help people.

    Some classmates couldn't get used to the idea of needles and injecting people and had to drop out of the program.

    Person-to-person contact is not for everybody. Especially when you yourself know that it is a stressful environment for you. But maybe nursing school can help you get used to more patient contact? Otherwise, I agree with the previous poster...maybe something more behind-the-scenes will be better for you if you feel that patient contact will be stressful.
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    I love my nursing career, and even days I dread coming to work, I'm fine after I get there- and usually have a mixed bag of enjoyment, reward, and some worries that were no where as big as what I "dreaded" happening. On the other hand, I severely disliked Nursing School's ADN program. It was like boot camp for the spirit, and left me kind of damaged inside.

    My first year of Nursing healed those wounds, and I went on to greatly enjoy and appreciate the more (authentic) "academic" feel of my BSN, MSN, and MPH. Back to ADN, I never slept good, lost a ton of weight, went from depression to anxiety like a roller-coaster, and came out feeling emotionally numb. I had a really bad experience with an instructor who was later fired for doing the same thing to the wrong person that I was to shy and scared to report. So I take part of the blame, I just felt like they would take her side if anyone complained. She became the dean for a while before several students came forward, past and present, and some with proof. I still have nightmares! But, even had I not had that hell semester (which strengthened my character and killed the na´vetÚ I possessed), I would have still strongly disliked school.

    I miss my close friends, our bizarre study groups where we found some real crazy ways to retain and critically think the material through(we called it "Digesting.") I also loved the Outpatient Clinic where I helped out a Rural Pediatrician over the Summer and received a heart for Med School. I too enjoyed the Academic parts better than Clinical. I perform well under pressure, but I like to learn in a positive environment without the anxiety.
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    My nursing school experience was a nightmare. Not the clinical experience that I loved nor even the bookwork where I learned so much, but my classmates were another story altogether. They were so snotty and picked on me a lot. most even shunned me. I suppose a lot had to do with the difference in ages. I was the oldest student in the class, and several were just out of high school. I have been in healthcare most of my life in different ways, because I love it so much. If it is your calling, nothing will stop you. Good luck with your choice.
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    Maybe the hospital setting is not for you. There are other areas of nursing to consider. Also, do you plan on eventually continuing your education and going for an advanced practice degree?

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