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I started a job 3 months ago at a local hospital. I thought that everything was going really well until yesterday when I was brought into the office by our supervisors. I was basically told that I was in major trouble and that... Read More

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    The problem is that you are working with a bunch of children as co-workers. Holding. How silly that it causes that much trouble on your unit. So the kid was a wiggler, a tough stick. Happens! But it shouldn't be the thing that rocks the unit that day or any day.

    Always remember that you are an adult. Nursing has a way of making you doubt that about yourself. I'll add this. Peds nurses can be wierd in their own way. IDK why, some of 'em remind me of how little preteens like to pretend they are "the very best-est" at babysitting. Something similar, I can't explain it that makes me think of it when you describe the "hurry and find someone who knows how to hold a child" thing. It's all about people who have never grown up. So many nurses and MDs for that matter never have grown up. They spend their days acting out and embarrassing themselves... and what I find I have learned about myself, is, that this is when I become the bully. I have to really hold back when confronted with adults behaving as children. I want to treat them as such.
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    Man, I hated working in a hospital.

    Just hugs.
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    Quote from SuesquatchRN
    Man, I hated working in a hospital.

    Just hugs.
    I agree. I wish I had another option. Thanks.

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