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Help me! ( very long)

  1. 0 I have been at my facility and everything was fine for a year. Then we had a mass exodus , of employees because of safety issues and lack of consistency......but I didn't see anything wrong and stayed while new management came in. Since then I have encountered increasingly rude physicians that were not before, as well as staff. Also pediatric patients are being put in my dept now because it is the only locked unit. Too add to it, new management does not want to honor my previous flexible schedule. My 2 week notice was put in. Then the new manager asked if I would stay if we went to self scheduling. I said sure. That never happened, although I rescinded the resignation. I put in for a transfer to a sister facility, I had the job and at the last minute, the position became unavailable. So I sent in another 2 week notice. I applied for another position, same sister facility and during the interview the manager said that HR told him I refuse to work Sundays, and that I went back and forth putting in notices, essentially humiliating me. I agreed to work PRN there at my facility, during their next schedule, in March, thinking that I was helping them, but after they intentionally humiliated me I don't want to. Would you work that schedule? It was put out after my 2nd resignation.
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    Sounds to me like you just found out that you need to look for a job outside of that network. Your current management is making you look bad so that you cannot work elsewhere within your network. Yes, it's their own fault that they are losing nurses. This is why they are trying to chain you. You probably will not find employment at any of the other facilities that are connected with the one you are at now. It's not fair, but it's not going to change. Keep working and drop all communication about leaving, etc. Your current management will only lie to you. You need to look for a position at a different company. When you find one, give notice, fulfill that notice and then leave. But sounds like you are stuck for the time being.
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    Thanks. Wish I could walk out.
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    You say you "wish" you could walk out, but you have twice submitted notice of resignation, indicating your willingness/desire to do just that.

    Your current manager is sharing that fact with hiring managers within the system. Does it make you "look bad"? That's for the receiver of that information to decide.

    You have every right to decide whether or not to remain in your current job ... but you're probably not doing yourself any favors with this ongoing state of limbo.
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    Very true, so I am stuck.
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    If I leave, will I be ineligible for rehire?
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    To OP - would you want to go back to a bad situation???

    And DO NOT SCREW yourself with that idea of walking out!! You won't believe the vindictaveness that that place could inflict! You still need to use them on your resume as your work expreience.

    Netglow & Altra offer sensible comments. Stay professional but protect yourself by being lowkey as you make your future plans. Good luck!
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    Welcome to nursing!!! This place won't be the only facility that will "screw" you....and will disrespect you as a person and as an employee. If I were you, I'd start working on a degree in something else ASAP---- and you will be amazed at how in a real "profession"., you are treated with respect.
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    Thank you!
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    Might I suggest for future reference, if you notice the bulk of your co-workers running, fall in. You can always find out why you're running later. Better to be safe than sorry AND there is safety in numbers. Obviously, you tried to give your employers the benefit of the doubt when everybody else got the heck outta Dodge. It is most unfortunate that your decision to remain was met with a pat on the back by a daggered hand.
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    Well said.
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    I agree with others, forget pursuing with that particular medical system, and pursue others. Sounds like they will always have you under the thumb with their politics. This may be the push you need to get into a better position.
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    Quote from GinginRN
    I agree with others, forget pursuing with that particular medical system, and pursue others. Sounds like they will always have you under the thumb with their politics. This may be the push you need to get into a better position.
    Thanks for the feedback, they had the nerve to smile in my face today,like nothing was ever said.