Graduated from a non accredited University.

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    Has anyone graduated from a school that was not accredited by NLN or CCNE. How difficult was it to get a job? How badly did it affect your chances? Any info will help please :-)

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    Can you even sit for the NCLEX without graduation from an accredited program?
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    Check your states board of Nursing
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    It will be harder to find a job, but you should still be able to sit for the NCLEX. I advise against it, it's tough enough to get a job as it is.
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    Considering how difficult is usually is to find employment WITH a license and WITH a degree from an accredited school, why would you consider anything less?
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    In addition to the difficulty you will have finding work, it will also be difficult to get accepted to school if you ever want to further your education.
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    Also, if you're ever interested in military nursing, I believe they require you to have graduated from an accredited program. It's also not unusual in my area to see employers specify that applicants must have graduated from an accredited program in addition to having an active license.
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    With this market, why would you invest time and money into a non accredited institution? I don't understand.
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    From the responses here I think we are all wondering why you would choose a non-accredited program. When the nursing shortage hit schools revamped their programs and received accreditation. In my area you can barely throw a rock without hitting a nursing school.
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    From my understanding, schools take a couple years to get the CCNE and NLN accreditation The program has to graduate a certain number of students and have statistics i.e. and NCLEX pass rate. The actual university is accredited just not the nursing accreditation.

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