Graduated 1998 but never passed NCLEX. Thinking about an LPN program

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    I came across this site today b/c I did a google search for people who had never passed the NCLEX-RN but wanted to go back and attempt again. I graduated with BSN in 1998 but never passed my boards after 3 attempts. Now I am ready to try again. I am also considering and LPN program. I am not sure if I should just study for my NCLEX-RN or do the LPN program. I'm nervous and have always thought about doing this again. Please share your success stories or those of your friends who have overcome this type situation.
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    Depending on your state, you may be able to take the PN exam with your RN education. Personally, I would suggest just taking a refresher course, studying and taking the RN exam. You've already done the schooling and have the education. You would have learned everything that is in an LPN program, and you've already paid for it.
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    Congrats for wanting to come back to nursing! I would take the refresher course if possible because why go through a program if you don't have to! Good luck
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    What you need to do is find out if there are any time restrictions associated with what you want to do. Contact the BON in your state and find out.
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    Don't go through another program. Some people can just study on their on, (it is really like starting form scratch), I think the Hurst Review is great for this. And/or take a refresher course. And then take the Nclex-RN, you worked hard for it, you deserve to be an RN.
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    Take your RN boards. You did four years of schooling for it. Like the others said, you can take a refresher course at a community college for a reasonable cost. Good luck to you. And welcome back to nursing.
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    Start back with the RN NCLEX. Start over fresh. Consider it to be a redo. You will have to study everything anyway, so you will be getting a reeducation. Suggest you get jump started with a good refresher program or a review course, such as Hurst. With some hard work and persistence, you can do this. Good luck.
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    Going against the grain here. It's been 13 years since you graduated. You made 3 attempts and did not pass. The ante has been upped significantly on NCLEX since you were originally prepped. Questions are different, harder. IMO, it's not like riding a bike (not after this long). A review will only refresh you so much. The refreshers I know of are more to prepare you for working (after you've been out of the field for a few years), not for taking NCLEX (and I believe that you should be an RN to enroll).

    I don't mean to be a Debbie Downer. I'm just looking at it from an objective (albeit pessimistic) view. May I ask, how were your grades in school?

    You do have other options. LPN is one (you can sit for RN after a while if you feel that you've gotten back into the swing if nursing).

    You could also look into auditing some classes (where you got your degree or at another school).
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    I'm wondering if there are time limits on your eligibility to sit for the NCLEX? Similar to credits expiring within X number of years if not applied to a degree.
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    Lots of universities have refresher classes that include hands-on experience as well as classroom work. I'd recommend seeing what's available near you.
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