Curious-why not another helping profession?

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    Hey! I was just curious why some of you didn't go into another "helping" profession such as human services, social work...etc. I know there are a thousand threads on why you chose nursing but I am just wondering what it was about those other professions that you didn't like or whatever.

    I just ask because there is always a part of me that wants to go into human services. Whether it is to help families find programs to help them or get intohelping people find jobs...any of it. I have always like what case workers do along with human service/social work assitants. CASA is another one I like. Some days I feel like running from nursing and going into human services.

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    to be honest, i am current classified as senior at a university in Sociology, once i was finishi was going to go get my master in social work , i figured once i get my lpn, i will finish up that degree while i do my pre req for my Rn
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    I choose nursing over the other "helping professions" because of the thinking involved (ie: the science behind nursing, having to think about the way the body and mind react to disease, the changing technology, etc...)--not that the other professions don't think it is just not as science oriented in many of them--probably one of the reasons I prefer an ICU setting...
    I also like the pay of nursing my area it is much better than any other of the helping professions, I like my hours/schedule, and I like the flexibility of nursing as well.
    Plus there are cuts of staff in most of the helping professions in my area....except nursing....I can go anywhere I want to practice and have a job...I can do any type of nursing, education, ITS, sales, etc...
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    I have always been interested in law enforcement, but I am not at all athletic or aggressive, so I don't think I would have been a good cop.
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    I've always been interested in medicine and how the human body works, but never wanted to be a doctor. Social work is nice, but in my little corner of the world, you can have a Master's in social work and earn only about two-thirds of what I make........and I have just a two-year degree! Besides, I'd wanted to be a nurse ever since I was a little girl learning the names of the 206 bones in the human body at my grandmother's knee; I just didn't realize I had the smarts to do it until I was almost 35 years old. I'm happy with my choice.
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    i too, am fascinated with how the body functions and the other related sciences.

    there are many challenges in nursing and it keeps me stimulated, as it is a profession where you never know it all.
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    Thanks everyone for your replies! I am the same way-when I feel like running to human services, I think that at least with nursing I can work 3 days a week, not 5! You are also right that the pay and job security is better. It is a disgrace how much they are paid though. They really do deal with a lot of bull at least until they reach that point of institutionalization and they kind of go numb.

    I must just be getting cold feet the closer I get to school starting!

    Thanks again!
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    I did consider a variety of other "helping professions". The nurse has much greater flexibility than several other options, however. You can be a "case worker" or a counselor as an RN. Additionally, the pay is much better, in addition to job security. Finally, I wanted the best training I could get -- a nursing program focuses on the psychological AND physical dimensions of a patient -- much more interesting than just the social/psychological, in my opinion.

    My best friend in nursing school was a prior social worker. She often said, "anything a social worker can do, a really good nurse can also do -- plus some". Now when I observe social workers at the hospital, their jobs seem very frustrating to me -- lots of paperwork and red tape. Yuck.
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    Chevelle, this is so funny, but when I first started my pre-reqs, I always told myself with every class, ok- if I don't make it (especially chemistry and a&p!!) I will go back and get my BS in psychology! hahahaha I already have gotten an AS in human services, but like others have said, the pay is SO low... you really need to get your MSW to make real money. I think our tendency for those professions will carry over a lot into nursing... and the best thing, unlike the human services jobs, we can make a REAL difference, provide real help to people as nurses, whereas with the other jobs, we can try to guide them and hope they will do something to fix themselves, which of course we have absolutely no control over. This is something more real, where we can see results of our helping then
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    Quite frankly ... money and job security.

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