2014 UNC, Duke, Duke Regional New Grad Hopefuls

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    Has anyone heard from UNC, Duke, or Duke Regional for the 2014 New Grad positions? My profile still shows under consideration.
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    I applied to these places as well and mine still say under consideration too. I hope they start interviews soon tho!!
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    I got an offer this morning for 6 West Surgery/Trauma/Transplant ICU.
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    That's great!! Which hospital and when did they start contacting you? Sorry for all the questions
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    I was just contacted by Duke University Hospital, just got it this morning around 9am PST!
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    I meant I got an **offer to interview! Oops, haha. Wishful thinking! Anyone had an interview yet?
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    My status still states "open". I know Duke students have been getting calls and scheduling interviews.
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    I interviewed yesterday. It went really well, very fun to shadow!
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    I interviewed on 3/24 at Duke. Missed the UNC deadline. Hopefully, waiting for an offer. Anyone hear back yet??
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    No I haven't heard anything back from Duke yet.

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