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Having been guilty myself of hijacking threads saying hello and just chatting to my fellow Aussies I thought it might be worthwhile for us to have a thread that is just dedicated to general Aussie chat. We can then discuss... Read More

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    There seems to have been a simmering problem there for some time. It is the text messaging that has really caused the problems. I fear this may be the start of something new - the flash riot. Just like in school where the chant of "fight fight" could gather a crowd faster than free ice-creams so the text messages seem to have fueled this disgrace.

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    Quote from grace oz
    congratulations! i'm sure you'll love working/studying and living in adelaide! it's a great place! welcome!
    thanks grace, yeah i'm really looking forward to coming over to sa now. it's going to be a big change from nsw.
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    I feel ashamed to be Australian. I know people always say this when this kind of thing happens, but I can't believe that Australians are involved in race riots. I just... speechless
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    I don't post often ,but I do check in a lot to read the posts.
    I will be moving to Adelaide in Feb. I want to thank the Aussie nurses for all the help and advice I have obtained here. (esp. Grace , Gwenith and Talaxandra)
    Wishing all Happy Holidays.

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    Quote from talaxandra
    I feel ashamed to be Australian. I know people always say this when this kind of thing happens, but I can't believe that Australians are involved in race riots. I just... speechless
    I would never say I'm ashamed to be Australian. It should never have gotton out of hand like that. But believe me, my sister and her husband live at Cronulla and there's a lot more to it then the media are showing.

    On a happier note hope everyone has a great Christmas and all your Christmas wishes come true.
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    sending christmas greetings to everyone!
    hope you all enjoy your celebrations.
    i'm experiencing a rather dreadful time with ? pertussis ? asthma ?chest infection ????? they don't seem to really know! :-(
    ended up in emerg on monday hooked up to oxygen! seeing a respiritory bloke tomorrow. hoping for a "cure!" .... quick!
    have been battling this for about 6-8 weeks now! :-( not nice
    anyway..... enough whining!
    merry christmas and happy new year to all!
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    Merry Christmas to you too Grace and I hope you're feeling better soon.
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    Oh Grace, I'm so sorry to hear that - I hope you're feeling 100% soon.
    xo T
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    Merry Christmas Grace - sorry to hear you are not well hope you get better soon!!
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    Thanks friends. Hope you enjoyed a HAPPY CHRISTMAS!
    Well, who would've believed it ..... I got diagnosed with Gastric Reflux!!!!
    It appears, the reflux triggers the asthma! I've been on a sharp learning curve since learning this bit of news. Combined with a post nasal drip, the GR is what's been making me so crook! I'm such a dumbass, I NEVER even thought I might have GR! Totally ignored the symptoms! Didn't make ANY connection at all! Amazing!
    It's worth Google-ing and researching it. I've certainly been enlightened about this and the connection to it triggering asthma. Either I've long since forgotten, (it IS a long time ago since I did any work in that field!), or, I've just never known of this. Unreal!
    Anyway.... I'm on meds now and doing all the right things to help alleviate the problem. Beginning to "turn the corner", at LAST! THANKBLOODYGOODNESS! It's been a long time being unwell!
    Maybe now, I can get my life back???!!!!!
    Anyway, 'nuff 'bout that!
    Take care, and catch you later!

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