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Having been guilty myself of hijacking threads saying hello and just chatting to my fellow Aussies I thought it might be worthwhile for us to have a thread that is just dedicated to general Aussie chat. We can then discuss... Read More

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    Hello...I just hope you could help me out with my query about the Bridging Course Program for nurses in Western Australia... Do I have to apply at the Nurses Board first or at the University where I intend to take the said course? My papers was already assessed by the nurses board and i was told that my BSN degree is sufficient enough for me to take the bridging course...What would be my next move? Your reply would be highly appreciated..Thanks so much!!! Good day :wink2:

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    Just wanted to say hello. I'm a UK trained nurse working in NZ. Been here 2.5 years and going to stay.

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    Just wanted to pop in and say Hi, My names Heidi and I'm moving to Adelaide next year from Sydney to start the Bachelor of Nursing Pre-Registration Course at Flinders.
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    Welcome to all the new people!!
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    Wenndy - I'd try the university first, seeing as the board has already said okay. You can always ask the uni what they think, too. Good luck
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    G'day all,
    Welcome from me too to all the newcomers.

    Adel, you'll enjoy your time at Flinders and life in Adelaide. You'll certainly notice how much cheaper it is to live than in Sydney!
    PM me if I can be of any help.

    Oh, and hello you lurkers! :chuckle We know you're there!

    Gwenith, hope the leave period was refreshing and you managed to accomplish the things you wanted. It's always hard to return to work after a break.
    No more news for now ...
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    Yeah it does seem a lot cheaper than Sydney. I'm thinking of going over to Adelaide for a few days next month to cheak the place out, get to know my way around a bit before I make the big move.
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    G'day all from country NSW. Just spent the weekend travelling thur Kangaroo Valley and the surrounding area. It's so green and fresh down here at the moment. Not like at the beginning of the year! Better to get out and travel than watch football, but then the grand final match was pretty good. Go the tigers :chuckle
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    G'day ausnurse. Nice to see some more Aussies joining in. :hatparty: Hope to see more of your posts.

    As I was having some physio this week got to talking with the therapist, as you do, and she was telling me how they're introducing independent physiotherapist practitioners. Similar to nuse practitioners. The idea is for these physio's to work in casualty depts. (NO! I refuse to call it Emergency! That's VERY American, -no disrespect to our friend's - and we ARE AUSSIES! Don't care what the modernists now call it or what the signs on depts. read!) :chuckle
    Anyway ... she was saying they'll actually be assessing patients,- such as sporting injury pts,- and deciding whether or not the pt needs to see a doctor. That the physio will decide if x-rays etc are required, what treatment to order etc. And only if the physio deems a doctor's opinion is required, will the pt. be sent further along the "food chain" and be seen by and further assessed by a MD. :stone :uhoh21:
    Anyone heard of this intended plan??
    Interested to know your thoughts on such a plan being implemented.

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    I don't have as much problem with Physio's as I do with Occupational Therapists. I worked on major public hospital in Brisbane (which shall remain nameless) where the OTs took it upon themselves to come up to the ICU once a week and assess the patient for pressure areas and then write recommendations for pressure area management in the patient's chart.

    Reading that helped my BP a LOT. Stupid thing was that this was accepted by the majority of the nursing staff within the ICU.

    Friends - I TRIED. I really did. Even discussed with management how I felt that Pressure Area management was a core responsibility of nursing and that was abrogating a fundamental responsibility of our profession - got nowhere. This was only a symptom of the rest of the problems - eventually I left.

    But Grace I can see where you are coming from - thing is these people who want to take up these "practitioner" roles are not the ones who want to do it so that they can work in Thargamindah or Oodnadatta and they are quite happy with assessing say, a sports injury but are they going to also TREAT that injury? I would personally like to see more people proficient at actually applying plaster casts and wound care.
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