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AussieTina has 2 years experience and specializes in Medical, Paeds, Ob gyn, NICU.

Single mum with 4 kids, RN, student midwife

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  1. AussieTina

    How do you document when drug withheld?

    In QLD health you write a W on the drug chart and then document the variance in the care plan as to why the drug was withheld, you are also meant to notify the doctor that the drug was withheld. Although I know on my ward the docs are not normally notifed, unless it was a really unusual vital sign that you obtained.
  2. AussieTina

    Temperature questions and weaning to crib

    Different country I know, but 1. We put our babes into open cots once they reach 1800gms. Only if they are medically stable of course. We do not take the gestation/ corrected age into account. 2. Our nursery is kept at 25.5 celcius at all times. 3. If they become cold we would then place an overhead heater over them to warm them up.
  3. AussieTina

    Counting resps in a neonate

    Thankyou for your replies. That is what I was doing as well, or I was counting after I auscultated the heartbeat. Older more experienced neonatal nurses however were telling me to do the resps before I touched the babe, so I got a bit confused. I can't really ask them for advice as they have been rather unaproachable when I asked for help in the beginning of my working here.
  4. AussieTina

    Counting resps in a neonate

    I need some advice and tips on how to count the resps on a neonate. I work in a SCN and really struggle to count the resps. I know to do it before you disturb the babe so it is more accurate. I just have trouble seeing if their chests are rising ect. This is especially true in the babes that are in open cots and are wrapped. So please share your tips on how to do this basic task. Is there anywhere in particular that you look while you are counting??
  5. AussieTina

    If you could invent nursing supplies, what would it be?

    Come to Australia We have those here
  6. AussieTina

    Hand washing?

    I work in a Level II NICU in Queensland Australia. We wash our hands or use gel before and after each patient contact. The only time we would use gloves is for doing any procedure that involves blood. We do not use gloves for nappy changes. That is of course unless the neonate is on contact precautions ect...
  7. AussieTina

    Most Humorous Call-In Excuses

    There is a thread on this topic in the humour section that is 24 pages long...
  8. AussieTina

    BP on Pediatric Patient?

    I am a grad on a paed ward in Australia. We do the BP when they are first admitted, but not after that unless ordered to by the docs.
  9. AussieTina

    what uni did we all go to

    I attended USQ. Graduated last year and am in my post grad year
  10. AussieTina

    Graduate Nurse Programs in Australia

    Hi I am on the Graduate Nurse Program in QLD It is the first year out of Uni. At my hospital it is a full time position, so yes you get paid. We are doing 3 rotations through different sections of the hospital and you get recognised as being a 'new' nurse so get a bit more support than if you just start work at the hospital as an RN. These positions are highly wanted, so can be hard to get into though. (hope this makes sense, have just finished doing 4 night shifts so my brain is a bit fuzzy LOL)
  11. AussieTina

    New titles for PCA/NA ?

    Haven't heard about that up here, I just searched the QNC website and nothing is mentioned there....Interesting. Also up here we call them PC (Personal Carer) and AIN (Assistant In Nursing) :)
  12. When the next shfit comes on whoever has the DD keys always asks "Hey who wants to do drugs with me" (count the narcs) , man we have had some strange looks from families for that one HEHEHEHEHE
  13. AussieTina

    I need encouragement.....

    All I can say is darn right you can do it :) I am a 35yo single mum with 4 kids, the youngest is now 4. I finished my RN's at the end of last year and started work as an RN in feb this year! If I can do it then anyone can LOL You go girl :)
  14. AussieTina

    Learning Disability Registraiotn in Australia

    Try posting in the Australian forum, might have better luck there :)
  15. AussieTina

    Ha! Students following me?!

    I only started as an RN 3 months ago We only get 1 week orientation before we are on our own I had a student assigned to me 3 weeks after I started!! I was still having to remind myself constantly that I am an RN now, and that I was able to give meds without supervision LOL:rolleyes: Man it was a totally weird feeling having a student with me and asking me questions ect
  16. AussieTina

    Can I have a kiss???

    I had an elderly man ask me to sit on his lap and another time to strip naked and run up and down the ward for him....hmmm let me see....no thanks LOL He has SDH, ETOH abuse and dementia but sometimes he just gets the cheekiest grin on his face and winks at you. You can't stay mad at him LOL The sad thing is it is the best offer I have had in a long time LOL