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Ok, I'll start a thread too! :cool: In an effort to help our non -Aussies understand our lingo, I'll start a thread on our slang words and / or words that are parculiar, common, here in Aust. So everybody, get onboard & add... Read More

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    A kanagaroo short in the top paddock - same as the sheep above

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    Unkile our American cousins, we don't "Root" for our team! We'd be labelled a s*#@&*!! for sure if we did!! In Oz we "Barrack" for our team.
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    That should've read.... UNLIKE. LOL
    Butter fingers on the keyboard!! LOL
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    How about "would'nt it tear the fork outta your nightie" in response to sad story.
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    describing the strength of a wind as being to"blow a dog of its chain"
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    commentary on flatus volume/amount "a bit more choke and that would've started"
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    commentary on flatus volume/amount "a bit more choke and that would've started"

    so this is how the bush fires started ???
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    I have another one!!!
    YONKS - meaning ageeeeeeeeeeeees, a very long time!!
    Rachel @}-->--------
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    What a funny way this thread has shifted!

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    Found this today

    An Aussie Love Poem

    Of course i love ya darling
    Your a bloody top notch bird
    And when i say your gorgeous
    I mean every single word

    So ya bum is on the big side
    I don't mind a bit of flab
    It means that when i'm ready
    There's somethin there to grab

    So your belly isn't flat no more
    I tell ya, i don't care
    So long as when i cuddle ya
    I can get my arms round there

    No sheila who is your age
    Has nice round perky breasts
    They just gave into gravity
    But i know ya did ya best

    I'm tellin ya the truth now
    I never tell ya lies
    I think it's very sexy
    That you've got dimples on ya thighs

    I swear on me nanna's grave now
    The moment that we met
    I thought u was as good as i
    Was ever gonna get

    No matter wot u look like
    I'll alway's love ya dear
    Now shut up while the footy's on
    And get me another beer
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