List of Prayers that helped you get through Hard Times in Nursing school etc!!!! - page 2

If you are religious or not you are welcomes on this thread. I know some people are having hard times and believe me I am having those times. Sometimes I just pray my problems off to the lord.. I... Read More

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    "All things are possible to those who believe"

    i always said novena prayers of the ff.saints and ask their intercession:

    St.Jude Thaddeus during difficult times. (Patron of hopeless and impossible cases)

    St.Joseph of Cupertino,St.Thomas Aquinas and St.Claire during my nclex. (Patron of Students and Test takers)

    St.Catherine of Sienna (Patron of Nurses)

    St.Cajetan during my job hunting (Patron of Job seekers and unemployed)


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