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Jehovah witnesses and ADL'S

  1. 0 hi,
    I'm a student nurse and I am in the middle of an assignment about nursing different cultures and how nursing care varies fwith patients from different cultures. Can anybody help me in regarding to jehovah witnesses? Do they have beliefs that could effect their activities of daily living?
    thank you
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    ​I'm not sure what you mean by their beliefs affecting ADLs. Can you be a little more specific as to what you're thinking about? As an RN and JW, the only consideration I can think of would be refusing blood/blood products.

    Also, it's "Jehovah's Witnesses," not "Jehovah Witnesses."
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    Around here a lot of the JWs are vegetarian... might just be regional, though.
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    I as well am unsure what you mean by affecting ADLs? JW's don't have dietary restrictions (unless health related or personal preference), and nothing else stands out to me other than the blood/blood products refusal.

    Can you elaborate on what exactly you're thinking/looking for?
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    As I work in a hem/onc unit, we sometimes get JW patients with critical blood counts. Since they will not get transfusions, we do everything to minimize oxygen demand. I remember a lady whose hgb was 4.something. Absolute bedrest, 15L oxygen via non-rebreather. I'm sure that put a lot of restrictions on her ADL... total assist.

    That's the only thing I can think of in regards to ADLs.
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    Quote from GrnTea
    Around here a lot of the JWs are vegetarian... might just be regional, though.

    Most likely so, as there are no dietary restrictions other than not eating meat that hasn't been properly bled. Around here, blood sausage is very popular; a JW wouldn't eat that.

    ​Hopefully the OP will return and expound on her question.
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    Blood sausage? 0o Yum?
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    I just googled it. Ewe
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    Quote from Ruas61
    I just googled it. Ewe
    Blood sausage is mutton? I thought it was pork.
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    Quote from Ruby Vee

    Blood sausage is mutton? I thought it was pork.

    Had to read that a couple times to get the pun. Nice.

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